Getting a good deal on air-conditioner split systems

With the updated Choice reviews on Airconditioners recently released, we set out to purchase two new split systems for our bedrooms. One was to replace the ancient wall rattler circa 1988! Those were the days!

We encountered some interesting problems sourcing and pricing models we wanted.

Living outside Brisbane metro in the back of the Sunshine Coast, driving around retailers is just not practical. The MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) models were of interest. 2.5kW cooling reverse cycle.

Using the MHI web site gave us only two local retailers, Bunnings and the Goodguys. Unfortunately neither stocked or even knew about the latest models. They simply did not exist. More confusing a similar model number exists for a superseded model.

If you are looking for themodel no’s ‘SRK nn ZSXA-W” they are from the MHI Avanti Plus Platinum range of premium airconditioners. They come with a premium price. We were quoted $1,099 or $1,133 ea for the 2.5kW model. (Brisbane specialist) They are only available from a limited range of suppliers. Neither of our local wholesalers Lawrence and Hansen or Haymans Electrical recognised the model numbers. Everyone wanted to sell the SRK25ZSA-W instead of the SRK25ZSXA-W.

The price difference? $768.00 at Bunnings if you are quick or nearly $350.00 less.

The Cheaper model according to the MHI sales rep I spoke with is not a superseded product. It is simply a lesser performing product that only rates 5 stars when compared with the premium 6 star alternative. Both are listed in the Choice reviews.


Hi Mark,

Our next-door neighbour at our previous residence, who is an electrical contractor, was a dealer for Mitsubishi Heavy aircons.

He did electrical work for us at both our previous and our current residences, and I always found him to be a very competent and trustworthy person.

He highly recommended the Mitsubishi Heavy aircons and he told me that he had not had any problems with them.

Whilst Fujitsu, which is what we have, appear to be the most popular, and Daikin appear to have the best reputation, and Panasonic seem to be the most silent.


You might notice some edited comments, I’ve removed some info that is behind our paywall seeing as though we’re on the public forum :slight_smile: There’s a number of brands and models that performed well in our test, members can find our results on our aircon review page.


Yes, it is also useful to have access to comparative running costs for the different models, and to be able to compare the potential savings in electricity usage vs savings in purchase price.

There are also feature differences between similar models that may be important in any comparison.


Our Panasonic CS/CU E28JKR split system has just been diagnosed as deceased. Not because it’s old and ugly, because it isn’t. It’s just 9 years old and has only done about 80 hours of cooling. Nope, it’s headed for landfill because Panasonic don’t make the indoor unit printed circuit boards for this model anymore. Panasonic’s response? “So sad, too bad. You will have to buy a new one.” In fact, the Customer Service Officer I spoke to asked me, “What do you expect, if you only paid $2,500?” Apparently, these circuit boards ceased to be manufactured just 11 months before ours carked it. How very annoying. Would buying big ticket things be more fun if you knew how long parts will be available?

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Have you tried searching online for Panasonic aircon spare parts suppliers to see if they still have the printed circuit board in stock (assuming this is the component that failed)? It might be possible to purchase the part yourself and have a experienced technician install it for you.

It is very disappointing that Panasonic is not providing parts for airconditioners which aren’t very old in age and one would expect to last a lot longer.

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