Geomagnetic storm 10-12 May 2024

We’re in for a geomagnetic storm this weekend. Apart from possible effects on electricity distribution and electronic devices, it could provide a view of Aurora Australis for those normally too far north to see it. Assuming you’re in an area that isn’t overcast at about midnight tonight, that is.

The BOM predicts these geomagnetic conditions will likely continue until 6am on Monday. If G4 geomagnetic conditions occur, bright auroras would be visible at unusually low latitudes, including dark-sky locations near Sydney and Perth.

And those in the northern hemisphere will see Aurora Borealis farther south than usual.

If you happen to be in the right area and with clear skies, use your phone camera to get the best view:

your phone may be the best tool to be able to see auroras at all, especially if you’re in a location where they’re rarely visible. Simply put, the sensors in your phone or other camera are more sensitive than your eyes.


Aargh. Run for the hills. Oh hang on that’s for tsunamis. Run for the caves. But there are bats in there.

How about just have a big yawn and just watch Eurovision on the telly.

Keep an eye out for the Aurora Australis tonight. Reports are that it may be seen as far north as Qld, which is extremely unusual.

Those who are wiling to see it, try and find a location where there isn’t light pollution, and look south. The further north, the less bright and more difficult to see.

There are also apps available which provide notifications when it is likely to be seen (search ‘Aurora Australis’ in the app store). There are also Facebook pages which locals post their photos of the aurora. There is an active one in Tassie is one searches ‘Aurora Australis Tasmania’.

Those without apps, look at:

Living in northern Tasmania, tonight might be a sleep disruptive night checking to see what can be seen every so often. :sleeping: Just hope the cloud keeps away.

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No such luck here in Canberra. It’s raining and the rain will continue throughout the night. :cry:

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This is what you are missing…


From the backyard, a few moments ago.

Nature at is finest - brilliant. Another bucket list ticked off.


And what it looks like using the naked eye:


Should be more tonight, I was just reading at that another flare just a few hours ago was rated X-5.8. A wee bit scary.


In Northern Tasmania we could see the vibrant colours of green and red with the naked eye. At one point were we where we were surrounded by the rays coming down, including a riot of colour above us through the milky way. We put our cameras down in the end to just watch it in awe. First time we have seen it.


Lovely photos! That first one is a stunner!


I am as always amazed by the beauty of the displays. I also appreciate the beauty of Scorpion fish and Lion fish, but I do not want to have much interaction with them beyond the view :smile:

When these Aurora displays become so prominent, it is in someways a warning for us just like the displays from the fish. There is danger in that beauty and for some in the World it may have been an inconvenience or even worse that was masked in that beauty.

Thank you to those who took the time to post those wonderful views of what they saw. The World is an amazing place, and is made more so by many wonderful people.


It was a reasonable display here in NSW at Latitude 31S in the small gaps in extensive cloud cover, although far short of Oct 20-21 1989.
Only the upper reds are visible here, the lower greens are below the horizon.