Genuine Samsung Galaxy Tab cover failed and caused break not covered by warranty

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S in September 2015, plus a genuine Samsung protector case. The clasps on the case had started to come adrift from the tablet sometimes, I was having to clip it back on. The other day the case fell off, causing the tablet to slide out and fall. I rang to ask about warranty coverage in this instance, but was told the tablet dropping for any reason was “customer induced damage”. The moral of the story: don’t fork out big bikkies for a genuine Samsung case; not only did it fail to protect the device, it actively contributed to its demise.


If you have Household Accidental Damage Coverage on your home insurance you may be able to claim against that.


@cookiecusack Actually it was not "customer induced damage " that damaged your Galaxy Tab . It was the failure of the protector case , a genuine Samsung product , to perform it’s designated function ., that is to protect the unit contained within . Your tablet . Get them to email you or whatever an actual warranty or portion there of where it states that the failure of the protector case dismisses Samsung of all liability for damage to the tablet ./
After all it is one of "their "products , the protector case that is and one would think it was designed to protect not damage . . I’d push them really hard on this .

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Thanks, but sadly not covered in the policy.

Thanks, maybe I will. The customer service person seemed pretty unmoved by the argument, though.

Reasons to justify near anything can be like dominos falling, one after another until one sticks or they all fall.

That is a common tactic companies use to get problems to “go away”. Read up on the Australian Consumer Law. Unfortunately because of consequential damages clauses (eg a warranty is applicable to the product, not to damages the product may cause) you could be out of luck.

Not taking sides, but for your consideration of where Samsung may be coming from, since you apparently knew there was a problem and that is on record, it would have been your responsibility to return the case as faulty when the clasps problem surfaced, have them fixed yourself, or taken appropriate care since you knew; since the clasps were not working properly it would have been your responsibility to take appropriate care.


Yes, you’re right. The case itself was no longer under warranty, that was only 6 months. I mainly wanted to let people know that the genuine case was no better than a cheapie from Ebay, and possibly worse.