I want to buy a gazebo for my market stall. It needs to be 3m x 3m.
Can anyone recommend a gazebo?

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Hi @pendersby1, welcome to the community.

If you have a market stall and at the markets you frequent have stall holders with gazebos, an option may to look at what gazebos other stall holders use, ask them what they think of them and would they buy the same one again.

I imagine that your requirements for a market stall gazebo may be different to that used in the backyard or when camping. Things like stability without guy ropes, height for walking under, temperature under the roof and ability to hang things from it may be important considerations.

If you haven’t started your market stall, maybe visit a popular local one to do some reconnaissance for your own future stall.


Not a brand, but a style. From experience at numerous junior sporting carnivals speed and ease of handling, especially if one person might be valuable. We found the one piece collapsible frame style the quickest and easiest to use. Look for a matching or suitable set of anchor pins or substantial corner weights that can be reliably attached to each leg.

Generally you get what you pay for. The cheaper versions have lighter framing and covers. That may be all one needs for occasional use.

As an alternative we had one of these for nearly 20 years of occasional use. One person to assemble disassemble, light weight and relatively easy to stow, but not time efficient. Definitely needed more than the steel pins supplied to anchor in turf on a windy day. 20kg water weights.


Oztrail with commercial grade cover and Hydroflow (arms to prevent water pooling)

My wife uses these for her market stall and another one here at home for nursery work, where it is set up permanently, and has been in place for over 5 years without leaks.


Thank you for this excellent advice!