Garden edger tests

Included in the recent tests, Parklander has a “Chinese engine”, I think there should have been some discussion in the test on the brand of engine and hence reliability. Other brands have Briggs and Stratton or Honda. I was about to buy the Parklander but when I found out had a no branded Chinese engine I did not buy it.

I think your test comments should cover comments on engines or at least indicate what brand. Testing the engines themselves is most likely beyond your scope.

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If you check the motor mowers sold at Bunnings with Honda Engines you will find the engines are made in China . I have a number of friends who have purchased these mowers and have had no problems to date .

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OK but a branded engine made in China are much better in my experience than a non-branded made in China.
Honda does make in China, Thailand, Italy and USA.

Bit like Coles home brand, often inferior to a known brand. Not a good analogy perhpas.

Thanks for the feedback @davidlcleland, I’ll be sure to pass it on.