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This thread has been created so that members can provide information on their favourite board games, rate board games that they play or those board games to avoid.

If you play board games, you are more than welcome to post below.


I am an old fashioned monopoly fan, but also love Cluedo and of the recent developments Pictionary has given hours of hilarity


Cluedo and backgammon are my favourite board games . Not necessarily a board game but I play Mah Jong a lot both online and with friends live . One board game I miss playing is Poleconomy . I believe it is no longer available .


Used to play Risk a lot. Board and on the PC. But if playing for world domination with say three others, it could take a long time. So usually played missions.

Anyone remember Squatter?


I’m always a bit sheepish about it. :grinning: Yes I do remember it, and did play it up until the 2011 floods when the vast majority of our household contents were destroyed including our game library.


Anyone for Scrabble?


Love Scrabble :slightly_smiling_face:

I associate most board games with people: memories of my father teaching me checkers, and when I started learning how to play chess with a boyfriend but the relationship didn’t last long. Playing battleship with an uncle who was very kind and would usually let me sink all of his fleet. Child minding a cousin and passing the time playing a game of monopoly with him…

At the moment I’m doing a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle, yes I know it’s not considered a board game but Wikipedia describes it as ‘a game, a problem’… and this one is certainly a problem :wink:


If you like Scrabble, you possibly will also like:

It has a few different rules for the game and somewhat similar principles to Scrabble - albeit without a board. It is always a good one to take travelling as it comes in a carry bag.


One of my current favourites is:

It can be played with 2-4 players, or more is there is a second game set.

It involves strategy rather than luck. The aim is to create tracks between the adventurer on the beach and the treasure in the jungle. Every player starts with the adventurers and treasure in the same location. Each player also plays the same track tile in each go. The difference occurs where each player choses to play the track tile on the board and/or using the track tile to move an adventurer. Game takes about 20-30 minutes.


I’ll accept that as a ‘game’. :wink: When I was a kid, we had a huge jigsaw that would be trotted out from time to time and all of us would work on it. For days.

The problem with large jigsaw puzzles is having a safe space to keep the unfinished puzzle between bursts of activity. I don’t know about you, but we couldn’t finish the big one in one go, even with the whole family working on it.


It has been decades since I played a board game, due to the lack of someone interested in playing. As a child, I played Squatter and Monopoly. I am a strategist and often won, so I got relegated to being the Banker.
My vice now are jigsaws. Mr Z loves watching the same programs over and over on TV and YouTube, so much that I can recite the words. While he’s doing that I jigsaw, and build the same ones many times. The best quality are Pomegranate, followed by Tilbury Premium. Some are very disappointing quality and barely last one build. I own most, swap with a friend who gets them from Op Shops, or borrow from the Library.


During the worst of the lock down in Melbourne (couldn’t travel over 5km from home) I did quite a few puzzles to pass the time at home.
Lately I’ve been looking around for a nice wall picture for my bedroom and noticed a box of this jigsaw puzzle in a shopping centre: just what I was looking for, light and colourful, it’s called ‘basket of roses’ and I had the bright idea to make a picture of it myself.
It’s been 4 days and I’ve put together the dark pieces of the basket and the lace cloth underneath, at the moment I’m stuck because it’s time to do the flowers and it’s driving me crazy.
I have a little time early morning and evening and I work in the spare room/study. A piece of strong cardboard 75x95cm goes on top of the desk, smaller trays all around the chairs and sofa with bits and pieces which are clearly to be joined together but I have no idea where they belong to in the big picture. I’ve put together the leaves, and the one violet flower :laughing:.
It can stay undisturbed until finished🤞


Two games I like, although there’s no ‘board’ involved, are Yahtzee, and Mastermind (kind of a board).


I had a thing for Trivial Pursuit for years, and the funniest board game I ever played was Balderdash… much hilarity over many glasses of wine. Never liked Monopoly, but loved Scrabble (still do). I have dabbled with chess but although I know the moves I am useless with strategy…


“Trivial Pursuit” for bringing out the family rivalries. Various versions and preferences, the original’s focus section on entertainment seemed to favour an addiction to American movie and TV.

Not a board game in a traditional sense of rolling the dice:
Pictionary was one of our adult after dinner favourites. Well fed with optional lubrication, inhibitions relaxed and imagination freewheeling. Great with the younger ones, if careful to be sure to encourage all efforts.


It comes with different packs of question cards. At one stage we had one that was very British. As well as the standard general trivia we had questions like; what is the tallest peak in Nottinghamshire or what colour are the football jerseys of the team fielded by Saham Toney. Nobody would play with that pack.


We were really into Trivial Pursuit for quite a while, too. With two physicists and a chemist in the family, much fun was had criticising and correcting the ‘science and nature’ answers in particular. :wink:

I never did get into chess or Go (too much like hard thinking work), although I had Uni friends who were crazy about one or other of those and tried to infect me too.


Hmm. I kept most of the blue sky pieces of one big puzzle in the box overnight. Cat thought it would make an excellent kitty litter tray. Sadly one unfinished puzzle. :frowning_face:


We build the larger ones on a large sheet of hardboard or MDF so that when the table is needed for other things the partly completed jigsaw can be moved elsewhere, the loose pieces go back in the box. I always had those sorts of boards in the shed but to buy one pre-cut will be $10-25 depending on size.

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The house we bought had a large chandelier that no one could walk under, so Mr Z constructed a massive table out of a sheet of marine ply, legs made from old bore casings welded to a steel pipe frame, sanded & painted. It hosts jigsaws, repair jobs, projects and dining. We sit at opposite ends, like Lord & Lady Whatsit looking at each through the chandelier, across piles of “stuff”.

If a larger space is needed, it is easy to push the jigsaw across (you could easily build 4x1,000 piece jigsaws) to make room. A board game would need to be played at one corner to reach. Space is a prime requisite for these things.