Gadget City Australia Infrared Thermometer Price Gouging

Following on from the post by @HappyNacho under the topic “COVID-19 Poor business behaviour”, I wish to nominate Gadget City Australia for a Shonky.

As originally posted, they were advertising an Oricom HFS1000 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for $999 on eBay before dropping the price to $499 and then removing the listing.

Their Purchase History on eBay lists the item being sold for $78.99 from 28.11.2019 to 09.02.2020, then at $499 on 15.03.2020 before listing at $999 on 19.03.2020.

The top of this page states “More than 10 available”.

Their website lists 3 models of the thermometer including the FS 300, all priced at $499.

However, the text under Thermometers states "We supply a range of thermometers including the easy to use ORICOM FS300 NON-CONTACT INFRARED DIGITAL THERMOMETER at an affordable $55.

They have pulled the same stunt with the FS 300.

The individual webpages for all 3 models contain the statement “Once the stock comes in at the end of april 2020 We will revert the price to the original price.” and the only alternate price shown is $548 for each model.

Gadget City Australia is not just another faceless eBay seller but is a bricks and mortar shop in Sydney.

They deserve to be called out and boycotted for their disgraceful behavious if not prosecuted.


Another one I find that takes advantage of what the market will bear pricing is Kogan, my daily promotion emails often show the same item at different prices and prices can vary by several hundred dollars on large items like electric Bidets and similar that are in demand. Buyer beware and compare the price over a period before jumping in works for me.