Fun with Merchandising

I just returned from Bunnings for a few fasteners. These beauties could be purchased in a pretty 4-pack for $3.27, or taken from a lose bin for $0.50 each. Need 6, buy 2 packs of 4 for $6.54 and have 2 spares, or just buy the 6 for $3.00.

The casual consumer probably grabs what they see first and pays for the thrill of having a cardboard and plastic pack to open and put in the bin. “Special value” – at least $1.27.

Consumers paying so little attention – priceless.


I am just relieved to hear that it is still possible to purchases things ‘loose’. Have often had to purchase packets of small hardware items where there has been no another option.


Indeed - I needed a couple of chemset? bolts - more than the blister pack but less than the box with a million of them. If only you could buy 4. The good old days when you could just get what you needed. I remember a place in Adelaide called (I think) “Universal Myer” - where you could go and buy one bolt, and the guy would apply a thread gauge and micrometer and you’d get exactly what you needed, or at least exactly what you thought you needed - oddly enough here in the middle of nowhere we have a bolt shop that still does exactly that …

Packaging costs money - hence the extra cost, albeit a tad over the top.

Last year I purchased a chem-set gun. It cost $37.00 at a “nut and bolt” shop. I thought it was a bit expensive - its essentially a large chalking gun and cheap ones are $3-$10.
I checked at Blackwoods - $47.00 then I checked at Bunnings - $107.00 - go figure… It pays to check prices. When I asked the guy on the trade desk why? He said he’d find out.
A month or so later I caught up with him and his ‘excuse’ was that Blackwood were the Australian agents for Ramset - who make chem-set guns. That it was Blackwood’s fault because of their markup - figure that one out! Still cheaper at the nut and bolt shop.
Oh; by the way Blackwoods is owned by Wesfarmers same as Bunnings…
How can you tell when a salesman’s lying? Their lips are moving.

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