Frozen peas - acceptable or not?

A colleague mentioned that she noticed frozen peas were being used in last night’s MasterChef challenge. This prompted the question, when are we no longer comfortable using frozen peas in our cooking? Is using frozen peas akin to a quick microwave meal or two-minute noodles, or should we feel comfortable using frozen peas on more vigorous cooking adventures?

Please cast your vote and leave your thoughts on where to draw the line with frozen peas (or other frozen vegetables) below.

  • Yes, frozen peas are acceptable in most culinary scenarios
  • No, frozen peas are for dire circumstances only

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It is likely that the frozen peas will have a higher nutritional value than fresh ones…unless one can guarantee that the fresh ones have been picked shortly before purchase. Peas are generally harvested and frozen quickly…those bought fresh are likely to be at least few days older when purchased…or even more if one doesn’t live in a pea growing area.

The frozen ones are easy to prepare and freezing peas doesn’t affect the texture or flavour of the peas (unlike many other foods).


For ‘Monsterchef’ as one other community
Member labels the program, it might seem petty?

At home frozen is good, as anyone who has spent time shelling peas might attest when in a hurry.

There is a therapeutic value to the task if you have time, and the required dexterity of hand. Getting truely fresh peas in the pod might be the challenge these days. Sweet and juicy eaten raw is great!

It says something when even Masterchef can not source fresh peas of suitable quality to shell on the bench. They ask the hopeful to breakdown quail, French lamb cutlets, fillet a fish, or extract an artichoke heart. Surely shelling peas is another core skill to assess?

‘MonsterChef’ might be a new character for Sesame Street?


I mean it’s sponsored by Coles. If frozen peas aren’t ok then Coles had better start stocking fresh ones.


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I really had to think about when I last saw fresh peas in pods for sale in our sub-tropical area of Qld - it must be years. I grow my own, but only in a short season. Frozen peas are my mainstay, but I now avoid a particular “homebrand” grown overseas that are cheap but like bullets.


I use frozen pea’s as they are cheaper than fresh one’s.


As kids we preferred to use the dried ones. They made a greater impact?

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We still use these to make mushy peas and also in slow cooked meals.

Anyone who is interested, Our easy mushy pea recipe is:

1 part split green peas
3 parts chicken stock
1/2 part onion
pepper for seasoning.

Add all to a heavy based saucepan. Bring to the boil, cover, stir regularly and simmer for about 1.5 hours until the peas are thick (to ones desire). Add water if needed during cooking


Get them to do a blind taste test


I keep looking for fresh peas but can never find them, although they were plentiful in Italy, that’s the only place I’ve seen them in over a decade.

A meaningful outcome and perhaps cost effective trial for Choice to provide. It might also sort out which frozen peas are best. Similar to the butter taste test?

I suspect many of us know the outcome of the ultimate taste test.

Fresh picked and shelled peas eaten raw vs fresh frozen store peas ‘thawed for your convenience’! :wink:

I wait eagerly for the results. :yum:

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