Freedom Furniture Issues

My couch from Freedom Australia broke on the first day it was delivered. Their customer service system requires you to jump through unreasonable hoops to obtain a refund. It will take more than a month before i can find out if they will give me a refund even though the couch obviously experienced a major fault. I believe their refund ‘policy’ contradicts the requirements of consumer law. I regret purchasing from Freedom. I plan to make a complaint to the ACCC and also FairTrade. Their behaviour is unreasonable


Welcome to the community @unhappyjan

I suggest you send a formal letter of complaint to Freedom using the tool on the ACCC website. That site also enumerates you rights. Stay formal and include details of what you were sold, the quality you were sold and so on, and how what was delivered differed, what you want with a date for their response. You will need to do that as part of the complaint process. Unfortunately until one does that they treat contact as idle chit chat. Once you use and cite your rights they usually respond.

Please let us know how you go.