Free Range Eggs

I thought I would share this because in an ideal world this is what the egg section of a supermarket should just about look like.
This was taken at my local Foodland this morning and the handful of eggs in the top left are the only cage eggs there. All the rest are free range, and when I say free range I don’t mean free range according to the Coles and Woolies definition.


You don’t say where you live! Local Foodland in regional Qld does not look like this, of course!!!

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Sorry, this was at Norwood in S.A.


An article regarding banning caged eggs by 2036 amid claims that it will cause price increases

Considering that both Coles and Woolies are selling their own brand free range eggs for just $3.90 a dozen, I don’t believe such claims.

Why wait until 2036. Ban them tomorrow. I would not eat caged eggs if they were free.


There are free range eggs, <10,000 chooks per hectare, there are free range eggs with < 1,500 chooks per hectare, some in between, and a very few with even lower densities.

The Colesworth/industry forced ‘standard’ allowing <10,000 to be sold as free range as equal to < 1,500 is what it is. There are also arguments that chooks don’t like to be forced outside and they prefer to congregate in sheds and barns. Not being an expert in any manner I’ll step back from the ins and outs, and cite the best evidence at hand.


Is that not infinitely better than being stuck in a cage?

I would think so but you cited $, nothing else. There are also barn (aka cage free) chooks at yet another price point. You pay your money, but what you pay for (or think you are paying for in animal welfare terms) is not always the same.


I was merely making the point that with free range eggs available for just $3.90 a dozen, I see no reason why prices should increase with a ban on cage eggs.

Personally, we only buy locally produced Yamagishi Barn Raised Eggs in 6 packs for $2.99 each from our local Supa IGA.

One of the wild cards is how Colesworth prices their store branded eggs, free range or otherwise, and if what they pay to their suppliers is sustainable, or the prices are loss leaders to get customers in. Phrased another way, is it a replay of the $1 litre milk?


Worth asking the average Sydney or Melbourne commuter with no option but to stand in a crowded train during peak hour.

Free range may be having to walk to work? Although being assured a seat might be second best.

Not an observation of our neighbours chooks, sample of 4 flocks. They like to congregate where ever there is food. Some like to wander rather aimlessly, as chooks do. I’m sure there are some sayings about the habit.

Best though to ensure they have secure night time accommodation. Also for nesting of course.

Both the local fox community and the pythons highly rate the fee range upbringing. 10/10 for quality and service.

Has the industry got it right saying this im. Reluctant to agree considering they have been in trouble including not telling people the truth.

Who is ‘they’? From your photo it appears the product is from Libreri Egg Farm in NSW. Have they been in strife (if so, citation please as I cannot identify any)? They don’t seem to have a web site and their FB page is 4 years out of date so not conclusive either way.

OTOH companies named Derodi P/L and Holland Farms P/L were fined by the ACCC back in 2016.

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