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A Website is saturating the airwaves ads for obtaining a free credit score. While checking reviews, I get a large negative on response. The number they quote is usually incorrect (even though they specify Company E gave that info) and they sell your info to other parties. Sooooo, it’s not totally free.
It’s like the websites that send surveys for cash. You have to answer a survey which is up to an hour, and they pay you from ten cents to one dollar. There are a few legit that pay much more. They also sell your info. Another so called scam.


What is the company/website?

3 Likes is new comer in the market. They’ve started saturation ads a few weeks ago. Some consumers get the notion that it’s FREE and that’s :“GREAT”. The professional ones usually charge a fee starting from $25.00.


It’s always been free to get a ‘real’ credit report from the recognised agencies:

I’ve done it many times over the last 15+ years to meet employment requirements. You can pay a fee to get it sooner if your requirement is urgent.

‘Fixing’ credit issues can also be done with the help of these agencies in conjunction with the institution who caused the problem - assuming it is an error and not genuinely bad credit - I’ve fixed the former a couple of times, never had to do the latter and unsure if its possible… I doubt it is.


The 3 recognised Agencies are 1. Equifax (the old VEDA) 2. Dun & Bradstreet 3. Experian. They do Credit Reports(a full history). Others give the Credit Rating (your number). You are allowed 1 credit report per year. Under the new “Credit Reporting Privacy Code”, reporting agencies must make sure that the free option was available and easy to access as the fee-based service. It’s up to you to figure that out.

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Some of us don’t care what our credit score is. It is a happy way to live.

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Unless you apply for a Credit Card, Loan, buying a home, etc…and get rejected and want to know why.


We did and didn’t have a credit report (our names were not on the database)…which also can raise the eyebrows of the issuing company. The issuing company said we should contact one of the reporting companies to rectify…and we didn’t.


We haven’t used credit for 25 years as it is a mugs game, using tomorrows earnings to fund todays consumption.

On the TV my wife is watching this morning, there was a live advertorial for ClearScore Australia promising a lifetime of “free” credit checks.

After looking at the info they required, I checked for reviews and found these.

No thanks.

I will just weigh in to the comments here, and post with my experience. I have had a “Credit Savvy” (experian)account which I signed up for when I was heavily in Debt ! ( approx 4 years ago) There are number of tabs that allow you to “Track, Learn, and Check your credit well being”…I spent some time learning and better understanding the over $85k debt that I had.

At that time my score was in the low 300’s so as I learnt more I planned for more. I paid small but consistent amounts on my debts ensuring that all received small payments regularly.

I have access to my credit report every month and have watched my score slowly improve. I now sit in the high 800’s for a score. Learning about the credit traps or benefits in the “learn tab” was the best thing that I did. I now have less than $5k in debt and that is how it will remain. I love that I am able to login at anytime in the year and can access my details. ( I can print out or export details to save them)

It is great because I can still see how I am tracking and still have access to a credit score report (1 x a year) should I want to provide bona fide and verified information to a prospective lender.

Just my thoughts hope it helps someone.


Well done @KW3180.
Taking an interest in the pitfalls of debt, and using a resource available either free or low cost to help, can encourage you to get that gorilla off your back.
A horrible credit score may well be the wake up some people need.


Following on from my last post. A quick tip i learnt along the way.

When money is owed and your in financial distress - DO NOT EVER OVERCOMMIT yourself. So if you can afford to make a lower payment ( sometimes extending the payment term), companies will prefer this than pursuing you through the legal system. The plus sometimes can work in your favour. I had one of my debts "monthly charges’ and "late fee’s " credited to an outstanding amount by a big4 bank which saved almost $1700 on a $5000 debt. ( So the debt was actually paid before its original term)…

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