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FOXTEL Everyone forced to Satellite? information please


I phoned foxtel yesterday to complain about a reoccurring problem with my iq2 box. One of the ‘solutions’ offered was a free upgrade to an iq3 proving I moved my service to Satellite (currently cable). I queried this solution as I don’t want a Satellite dish on my roof and I could see the financial sense. I was told all foxtel services are being moved from cable to satellite in the next five years as ‘the cables are needed for the NBN’. Somewhat stunned I am turning to this knowledgeable forum for information. Thanks.


We are just beginning to implement our Satellite First program to convert our existing cable customers to a satellite connection. This is in preparation for the handover of the HFC cable network to the NBN, currently projected to be finished by 2023."

What more are you after? NBN have the cable network now. Nothing anyone can do. If the Govt. built us a proper NBN, this probably wouldn’t be an issue. :confused:


Their business model would not be so profitable if they couldn’t charge what the market would bear. So to keep their ship as tight as possible they remove any option of any other way to connect other than through their own preferred means which would have financial benefits to them. They lock in their market! Particularly as you probably pay for the connection you would then be more hesitant to drop the package completely (it is more likely a user would downgrade rather than disconnect entirely).


I can understand why they are doing it.Many houses these days naturally do have a satellite They can put on most places on the roof if you want to hide it.I wouldn’t be to concerned about it.And you can get the free up-grade.I personally have not gone down the road of getting NBN through Foxtel as it’s a bit pricey but have heard it works great.Naturally that’s another reason why they want you to change over


Tuning in late to this one.

My 5c - does that “upgrade” bring better ping times/latency and a larger data allowance?

Going from cable to satellite I’d doubt it


I use Foxtel Play which delivers Foxtel via the Internet. We can watch their live TV type broadcasts or their on demand service. We can watch via our computers, our phones, our tablets, anything that we can install the app on, or on the TV via a Telstra TV box or our PS4. No need for any satellite dishes and it doesn’t require one of their encrypted set top boxes. A good NBN connection and an unlimited Internet plan is probably a good idea though.


I on a ‘try before you buy’ with the Satellite dish. I can only record a limited number of shows until ‘data full’ warning and then have to delete some of these shows. Also, the rewind option is limited.


Yeah sorry, in my mind I assumed internet, not pay tv.