Foxtel broadband - NBN

So, I moved into my current property in October last year and signed up for Foxtel and Foxtel
Broadband. We’re stuck on an ADSL1 connection, so we figured we could at least watch things on Foxtel when our connection gets congested. (4 millennials sharing an ADSL connection!)

When we signed up, I was aware that NBN was coming to my suburb (Now confirmed for November 2016) so I asked the phone operator if Foxtel would be ready for NBN. She assured me yes, they would be and their website said by the end of 2015.

It’s now mid-2016 and Foxtel have removed the reference on their website and refuse to provide any other details.

That and there are major problems with their Foxtel Hub hardware - I’ve had to get it replaced, it has bugs that they seemingly have no interest in fixing - it’s all a bit of a mess.

Does anyone know the deal with contracts and switchover to NBN? I’ve been told various reports that your ISP has to let you out of your contract when NBN turns on?

Not that I’m worried, under the ACL their promise to be NBN-ready has been broken and it was a major factor in me choosing their product, so I’m confident in arguing the case.

Also keen to hear any other experiences with Foxtel Broadband!


Update: They’ve finally updated their website:

But still no timeframe, no plan costs or details on how it’s going to work.

3 months and counting until NBN switches on in our area…

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Hi Jonathon - my sympathies for your plight. I suspect the villain is NBN itself

I was contacted by iPrimus (Cairns) in May 2016 and signed up for NBN. I was told July,then August then September. On September 1st I received a text from iPrimus that connection would now be in December 2016. No street works were going on for months but seemed to be complete about four weeks ago. I spoke with the technicians several times and all seemed to think September was right. All except a Telstra guy who laughed and said that 2017 was more likely, maybe even 2018. Given the works in the street I did not give him much credence but now I wonder.

I tired to ring NBN but you can’t. There are no numbers available because they do not want to talk to us. The ISP’s won’t give out the numbers. I don’t know how anyone can run a company in this way - unless it is a monopoly.

I’ve had it. I can cope with stupid, liars and damned liars but the NBN roll-out is farcical. I have lost all confidence in NBN, about ready to tell them not to bother with my house.

We have the NBN and recently signed on to Foxtel Play, so it’s all streamed to us via the Internet which includes the live TV channels as they air the content and the watch anytime content. It’s all on a month by month basis with no lock in contract. We only access a basic package which costs $20 per month, but in December the prices for Foxtel Play will be reduced to $15 per month for the basic package. We watch via Foxtel play apps on our Playstation consoles. Apparently the XBOX versions of the app will be discontinued in December. You can associate up to three devices on your account so that lets others watch different shows at the same time if they can access the app, or they can simply watch it on their computer screens.

Discontinuing the Xbox apps? That sucks! I would’ve considered Foxtel Play on the new plans (and dumping our satellite)

Oh, and BTW - Foxtel FINALLY have pricing ( and a 50/20 plan, which makes me very happy)