Food products labelled to look allergen friendly, yet full of allergens

My teenage son asked us to get some cup noodles the other day. We got him what looks to be a repackaged and relabelled Woolworths brand (Choice brand) which quite clearly states No Added MSG on the packaging. He doesn’t have problems with flavour enhancers like my partner and I do, so it wasn’t a major issue as long as we didn’t eat it ourselves. In the ingredients list on the side of the packaging though, in small hard to read letters, in colours that make things even more difficult to read against the yellow background, it lists flavour enhancers 620, 627 and 631. 620 is known to have the same allergenic properties as MSG, whilst 627 and 631 are not even allowed to be added to foods for infants and children in some parts of the world. Who do they think the majority of cup noodle consumers are? It’s a favourite with children around the world!!! And just to further reduce their consumer base, they’ve now added egg to the flavour component, which means it now has more allergens than ever. Writing No Added MSG in large friendly letters on the front of the packaging to let consumers know it’s safe for those with food allergies doesn’t really make it friendly for those who do have food allergies when so many other allergens are added to the mix in small, unfriendly, difficult to read letters on the side of the packaging.


Thanks for highlighting this @NubglummerySnr, I’ll pass it on to our investigations team.

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