Folding Arm Awnings

I’m looking to install a Folding Arm Awning on the exterior wall of my house to shade the coutyard. I’d be really interested to hear if anyone can make any recommendations. There seem to be a few on the market and my concern is that it be durable as they’re quite an investment.


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About a decade ago I wanted to put two awnings side by side over a balcony in a wind prone area. I think what I needed were each about four meters wide by three meters extended outward.

I got quotes from a couple of firms to install them, but they were horribly expensive. Eventually I bought them from an Australian seller on eBay that were a third of the price. They were couriered in due to their size, and came with all the fittings necessary to mount them, and a few spare. I installed them myself, because back then I could do things like that. :slight_smile:

We sold and moved out about 18 months later. Up to that time they were fabulous, robust, and practical.

When retracted, they sealed themselves into their cartridges, so weather was not a problem. When out, they had a slight downward slope so rain rolled and fell off the outside. Consequently they could be left extended in all but strong wind.

When we had high winds forecast they had to be retracted. Once we got caught out unaware and I thought that they were going to rip the bricks they were mounted onto out of the wall with all the flapping and juddering they did. Because they were manual winders, I had to go out in pelting rain, and high winds to bring them in. It was a bit of a battle to retract them because they acted like sails billowing upward which almost counteracted my efforts to wind them in. Fortunately I did rewind them before I was totally sodden.

I would buy folding arm awnings again. Brand names meant nothing, because most of the awnings were made in China, even the ones sold by the awning companies. I suspect that it would in all likelyhood be similar now. Equally, the extravagant prices charged by the businesses that will come to quote to install are also pretty certain too. They are not complex to install, any competent handyman could do it as long as they had help to lift the big awnings. Of course if they are electrically connected you should get an electrician to do that work.


My father has an apartment with two of them installed on a large balcony. I recall when they were being quoted, the supplier insisted that they include a wind sensor and automatic retraction, otherwise they would not be guaranteed against wind damage.

They have been there for about ten years, and I’m sure that the automatic retraction has saved the awnings on several occasions. It’s even more important now as my father no longer lives there, and the apartment is leased.


Thanks for the responses, that’s encouraging info. I’ll go ahead with the awnings and report back :slight_smile: