Flexible plastic tubs

I have found these flexible plastic tubs very useful around the garden and for storing recyclables etc. However, they usually fall apart in less than a year or 6 months, and soft plastics are not recyclable in our area, so they go to landfill. I have purchased through the local hardware, the “cheap” shop and Bunnings, but they are all marked Ezy Storage. They usually break at the handles, but also break randomly, as shown in these photos. They are mostly kept in the shade or indoors, so I can’t blame the sun.

Would be interested in finding alternatives or similar with longer life.


I get the biggest black plastic pots from Bunnings, they have drainage holes at the bottom so no liquid storage but they last and they are cheap. They don’t have loop handles but they do have hand holds under the rim. If looking to hold liquids in them I’m sure you could place a decent bin liner in them to hold the liquid.


I’ve purchased similar from the local Mitre10 in the household and gardening area. They are now two years old and have stood up to being my weed collection bin and another for storing small garden tools, fertiliser packets etc. I don’t leave them in full sun except when in use.

The cheapest probably have minimal UV stabiliser. Some cheap black poly pots can also suffer the same, although I’ve plenty that are years old and always out doors with no major problems. Some from the $2 shop and others elsewhere.


A good alternative and while not flexible, is a galvanised rubbish bin like this one…

They are just as useful and also come with a lid…if one wishes to use them to store things as well.


Go to a rural produce store and get similar tubs intended for horse feed. You may pay a little more. I have had them for years and they do not break. Sorry I can’t give you a brand.


This information is from Nadja’s Garden - Permaculture Garden Design - Adelaide
( http://nadjasgarden.com.au/ ), and is associated with a post on FB using flexible tubs for wicking beds. I asked for a ‘fact sheet’ and some feedback on her experience with tub quality.

"Hi Trish,
I’m glad you raised the question. I used the Ezy Storage flexi tubs (60L) from Bunnings ($6.50 each), not cheaper imitations. Yes, I have had other tubs (usually from hard rubbish collection) - some are brittle and cracked, others still going fine after years in the sun. These that I bought are BPA free and UV stabilised. I suspect that some colours and materials are much more durable than others. In general, if they are very flexible and ‘rubbery’ to begin with, they tend to maintain their flexibility better than those that feel stiffer. But being in partial shade is probably extending their life - which suits the kinds of plants that I like to grow in wicking containers (leafy greens, mint, coriander). *

****I hate throwing plastic into landfill so if my tubs do crack later I’ll be repairing and reusing them for storage (kindling for wood fire, materials in garden shed etc)."

PS. If anyone is interested, here is a link for the fact sheet:



I have also used very many of these around the garden & i have wasted sooo much money & am hortified of the landfill. There should be label saying not sppropriate for planting. Even ones in part shade or not moved much broke withing 6 -8 months. The only one that hasnt was in total shade on porch never moved or bumped.
I dont think bunnings or the company should sell them without a warning that they are for indoor use only & not recyclable And can break etc. because its dangerous if someone is carrying or shards of pieces breaking off after they crack unexpectedly is dangerous