Five of the worst kitchen appliances

CHOICE home economist Fiona Mair has seen her fair share of dodgy ovens, bench mixers and other kitchen appliances make their way into the CHOICE kitchen lab for testing. Here she shares her list of the five worst appliances she’s come across, and why they performed so poorly in her books.

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Our Bosch condenser dryer (Bosch WTW86561AU) is awful. It needs a service every year or so to clean an internal lint filter that can’t be accessed without a lot of hassle (even for an accredited repairer). The dryer provides no notice that this is about to clog up and will suddenly start displaying the “full” symbol for the water container every few minutes. This nearly always happens on a rainy day when there aren’t too many other drying options. We have been very disappointed, particularly given that this is considered a top of the range model. Over the last 5 years it has been repaired about 5 times. The last service a few weeks ago was over $200 (the most expensive yet) and we are just wondering now how long to keep it for.

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Fisher and Paykal dishwashers I purchased one and had two more in homes I moved into and none of them could ever was the dishes effectively. Always had to leave around 10-20% of items back in for another wash or usually wash them i the sink, which sort of defeats the purpose.