Fitness tracker reviews

Here’s our free fitness tracker buying guide and our comparative fitness tracker review (member content) for those interested.


According to consumer electronics experts, fitness trackers are set to change in the not-too-distant future.

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We’ve updated our fitness trackers review (member content) with the latest devices.


We take a first look at the Fitbit Versa.

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It’s an interesting topic. I have used many fitness trackers, but so far none have appealed to me. And their accuracy is not the highest. I am very interested in smart sneakers, they are suitable for daily workouts, and for marathons.

One thing that I suggest may be missing from the comparison of fitness trackers and smart watches is the long term software support that the company provides. I have had one tracker in the past that received somewhat patchy support as the company changed hands/names, and my current sleep tracker seems to sometimes miss some of my sleep after an update before getting back on track - presumably with a further update.

Given the range of prices ($39 to $699) I expect long term support will similarly differ enormously. It would be nice to know whether the company behind the product has a reputation for looking after customers through ensuring its devices are kept alive and functional for a decent period.


Choice has an updated review, 25 Nov 2021.

Some of the products EG FitBit Charge 3 now have a number of user reviews to refer to. In that example 2 out of 21 users would recommended the Charge 3.

Despite Google completing acquisition of FitBit in Jan 2020, the lack of support appears to be entrenched looking at the personal reviews and recommendations.

Should the Charge 3 retain it’s Choice recommended product label? It’s still available although not at a throw away price. @BrendanMays

We have an approx 2yo Charge 3 that appears to have a battery failure. Another family member has a similar vintage device that has gone the same way. While not intended to be user replaceable, third party batteries are available. It requires additional tools and a sealant to restore the water protection if one chooses to DIY.

The built in battery has survived between 100 and 150 cycles based on our estimates.


Perhaps they need to use like the Citizen Eco-Drive watches a solar panel and capacitor that supplies the power. My Citizen Eco-Drive can last a substantial time without needing solar recharging, I know it doesn’t need to carry out the same functions as a Smart watch and so it has only a very small capacitor but the smart watches have much larger batteries and if replaced with a similar sized capacitor they should have sufficient storage to last a reasonable time before needing some solar love to recharge. If used actively during the day in sunlit conditions this should ensure very decent levels of charge and longevity.