Fitbit exceeded my expectations

My Fitbit broke when it was three months out of warranty. I wrote to Fitbit to let them know I had expected more from the product. I got a response the same day asking me for some details. The next day I sent them a photo of my broken Fitbit and I received a response a few hours later advising that they would replace my Fitbit. They also let me know that as they no longer carried my model, they would upgrade at no additional cost. I am very impressed with the service.


Hey @jreay
I’ve been pretty impressed with FitBit over the years too, which makes me a loyal customer and a sucker for their new models as they release them :wink:
They have good social media responsiveness which is important for me because I hate ringing customer support lines eyeroll


Same here regarding my fitbit. The band started coming apart after 6 months. DJs were excellent. They refunded my money (even though the purchase was through the defunct Dick Smith within the DJs store).

I’ve had a work collegue go through 3 fitbits in three years - all with the same issue as me. In her case Officeworks has exchanged her fitbit and provided a new 1 year warranty each and every time.

Seems like it is an inherent design issue. Although this does not appear to be an issue for Fitbit-junkies like her.

Stay tuned for our reliability survey in August - we are including fitness trackers in it for the first time.

(I have a FitBit myself and it’s already had a broken band twice within the year. I know about half a dozen people who have had to order replacements due to broken bands, too. To their credit their service is very responsive. If anything good comes out of this, it’s that they’ll design better versions in future.)



I have had a FitBit flex for three years and have gone through at least three bands. No matter how careful I am bending the band to take out the FitBit to recharge seems to weaken the plastic. I find it annoying but I like the FitBit too much so I put up with it.

I’ve had a Charge HR for a year and have been very impressed. It’s technically excellent. The steps is over estimated, but the sleep and heart rate measures seem very accurate. The Apps and website are also very good, and in all I’m pleased with this device.


I’ve been thinking of getting a fitbit but all I’ve heard is about the bands breaking! Are they expensive to replace or do you just send it back to where you bought it? (But doing that every year sounds frustrating!)

the charge HR band is not replaceable, that made me think about if I’d buy it or not but I went with it compared to the alto because of the HR functionality (I have a high HR and take meds so that’s important for me).

bands for the flex are easy to get your hands on for $5 on ebay :wink: Then you can get the to suit every outfit too :stuck_out_tongue:


I purchased a Charge HR and had problems syncing it to my Android. After several attempts the Fitbit froze. I contacted the Fitbit service desk via web chat and after about an hour they agreed to replace the unit and acknowledged that there was a known problem that caused this. I was impressed with the fact that a replacement arrived in about 4 days.

One of the problems I have with the Fitbit is that I don’t believe the heart rate monitor is very accurate. I have been wearing a heart rate monitor with a chest strap for over 3 years (when I go to the gym) and the heart rate readings I am getting from the Fitbit are relatively low compared to my heart rate monitor.

That said, the Fitbit has definitely motivated me to do more walking, climb more steps etc. I have set up a target of 10,000 steps and have been exceeding that target as I am more aware of the need to get to my step count. I also like the fact that it measures how many calories I have burnt each the day.

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I liked my Fitbit Charge HR as it was easy to setup and use. To my disappointment it completely self destructed after 4 months of use. The wrist band bubbled and then came away from the face of the Fitbit and could not be fixed. I did not try the the Supplier as I had misplaced the receipt.