Fitbit amends it's warranty after ACCC action

Fitbit have signed an “enforceable undertaking” after the ACCC took action over it’s previously stated 12 month warranty.

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Was it a major unfit for purpose or a minor unfit for purpose?


The unfit-bit? the bit where it is unfit?


While FitBit May have agreed to amend it’s policy, it still appears ignorant or evasive of the ACL.

Or prefers to misdirect consumers and encourage them to act the FitBit way.

FitBit needs to include with each Product and Sale an amended Australian Warranty statement that explains how it applies warranty. The statement needs to spell out the procedures to follow and how these comply with the ACL. It also needs to consider that not all users are as ‘connected’ as those under the age of 25!

One of the immediate family purchased a FitBit Charge 3 post Xmas 2018 from one of Australia’s well known retailers.

The online FitBit sites including the FitBit Australian online site, when searching on warranty direct you to call the USA or request a return authorisation on line. There is no online listing of an Australian phone number.

Warranty is listed as twelve months for Australia, two years for Europe. Looks like we must get the seconds?

Even more alarming, the warranty booklet included in the packaging has this opening line.

Yes, our Charge 3 died, refusing to charge or even communicate with the host device or restart/reset despite numerous attempts. Returning it in person to to the retailer was a little challenging.

A short version of events.

Have you spoken with Fitbit?
“They can try and connect to it online and fix it”
People usually go to FitBit for warranty.
Here, the store will ring Fitbit on their 1800 number so you can talk to them.

At the store counter FitBit rep was asking for the email the device was registered with so they could verify the purchase.
Sorry, We didn’t think the store would need that, and don’t have that access at the store counter.
We do have the receipt and purchase invoice from the store, as proof of purchase.

Oh, FitBit can’t help you, can we talk to the store.

We don’t normally handle warranty, as it is up to FitBit to determine.

Ultimately common sense prevailed, the store accepted the FitBit back and we have just received a new replacement. Although we had to pay for the replacement and accept a credit on the original purchase. Credit still to appear!


  1. It’s still unclear whether the Charge 3 has a 12 month warranty or per the ACCC comment two years as for Europe.

  2. We have yet to stumble on the magic 1800 number to call for support. Perhaps the online chat service leads to the same point?

  3. FitBit want to do things differently, perhaps a help when first trouble shooting, however the advice with the product seems at odds with the basic right to return to the place of purchase per ACL. None of the original purchase advice required or indicated the consumer needed to contact FitBit re warranty.

Noting it refused to charge, or restart/reset, which would seem fatal, despite repeatedly following the online procedures to remedy. And having paired to an iPhone there is only a Bluetooth link.

The T&Cs of the warranty include this statement, which excludes software from the warranty. One interpretation would be that if the software ceases to function, you have no claim?


Fitbit does not warrant that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. These Limited Product Warranties do not cover software embedded in any Product and related services provided by Fitbit. See the Fitbit Terms of Service for details of your rights with respect to use of the software and related services.