Yahoo reported major issues with the online retailer Fishpond. If you have an experience ordering from the Fishpond store, please leave a comment below.


I last ordered from Fishpond 11 months ago: have had an account for 8 years & haven’t had any problems. Not a frequent user, but have found their deliveries, usually, to be quicker than Book Depository, Abe Books etc.


I ordered an item from Fishpond in May and am still waiting delivery. However, it is from the UK and delays are caused because of COVID, and Fishpond have kept me informed of its status. I do not see this as a problem and will order from them again.


It’s common for service issues with a business to be highlighted on the web, spreading across various sites or forums.

The web can also amplify a small number of complaints to appear to be the norm, not an exception.

It’s good that for this instance and Fishpond (@BrendanMays) a question is being asked before any judgement.

The web seems such an unreliable place. More so given the concentration of users on just a few sites, and ease with which misinformation is spread.


No problems over many years. Marked book returned and replaced no problem.
Recent tracking of present to my mother superb.


I bought off Fishpond about 6 months ago for the first time. After 4 months I emailed them to say I hadn’t received my goods. They said to be patient because of COVID. I waited another month and asked for my money back. No luck. In the end I got my money back from Paypal.
Still no goods as of now. I won’t buy off them again.


I’d used them a couple of times over the years and found them fine. Ordered & paid for a $32 book from them on 23/8 which was on pre-release for dispatch 1/9. Heard of others obtaining the same book earlier this week so when mine hadn’t arrived, started to chase it up. My account on Fishpond said it wouldn’t arrive till 12-14/10. Seems it had sold out in most places but I eventually found it in Target for $19, so bought it, then went to cancel the Fishpond order. It took me 3 email attempts with 3 staff members to have the $5 cancelation fee waived, with various justifications from them. Finally I convinced them that it had not even been posted to me yet, was clearly saleable given that it was selling out everywhere & seemed to be in reprint, and also that I’d found a copy for almost half the price. Anyway, I got there in the end & they obligingly refunded the fee. I think I’d go elsewhere next time.


A first time user with purchasing online, and ordered a map of Poland from Fishpond for about $12 delivered (not the point). Abour four weeks later tried to find out where the map was. Gave up after hours of stuffing around. A total waste of my time: no phone number, no response to several emails. Just frustrating and too difficult.

The map arrived weeks later, however a bookshop will do just fine.
Ray Sokes


I could easily copy and paste Suzanne’s comment above - ordered an item from them in late May which has to come from the UK. Still nothing yet.

I contacted them about 2 weeks ago about it and got a very pleasant response very quickly, stating it shouldn’t be far off because NSW deliveries should be resuming soon. They also said when it does arrive if I no longer require it then I can return it for a full refund.

I’ve ordered off them a few times in the past and never had a problem. I am cutting them some slack due to Covid, especially since I had a not too dissimilar experience with a couple of documents I sent via international Registered Post to Japan earlier in the year. They took approx. 3-4 months to be delivered.


Their reviews on Product Review say it all.

Some 1,184 1-star reviews from a total of 2,889 reviews.

Looks like an outfit to avoid like the plague.

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Well maybe that’s because unhappy people are venting - whereas users like myself, who have had normal/good/to-be-expected service, rarely post about it… but continue to order from Fishpond!


I have used Fishpond off and on for many years. Never had a problem with them at all!


“I contacted them about 2 weeks ago about it and got a very pleasant response very quickly, stating it shouldn’t be far off because NSW deliveries should be resuming soon. They also said when it does arrive if I no longer require it then I can return it for a full refund.”

Same here. Got same reply from them. It’s getting on for five months now. But will wait a little longer.


I’ve been a customer of fishpond for nearly 12years, never had a major issue. Their stock comes from all over the world, so delays are common. One issue I had was with second hand books, several from one seller took nearly 3 months, i called FP, and they said they would issue a refund, you wouldn’t believe it they showed up the next day so I cancelled the refund. Another issue was a book that was damaged, again called, they sent a prepaid return slip via email, and then sent out a new copy. So all dealings have been positive.


I ordered a book in April through Fishpond which was supposedly despatched from overseas in May. Recently I tried to contact them regarding the order but could not put in a query because the online form had a field that required the order number. The form would not allow the order number to be inserted and would not allow the request to be submitted without the order number. I found two email addresses and the messages sent to them both received automated replies essentially telling me to use the request form that I had previously unsuccessfully tried to use. In frustration I found I could go to My Account in FP where I could make a claim for a refund, which I did. Several days later I was advised by email that the refund was being processed and a further subsequent notification that it had been credited to PayPal. PayPal notified us of the receipt and it has now appeared on our credit card.

I have used FP on previous occasions without any issues but they do themselves a lot of unnecessary harm by making it so difficult for an account user to make a simple enquiry.


Thanks for these comments. I believe that when you have purchased a number of times from businesses like Fishpond, they have a history and things get easier. Having said that, it’s in the interests of online businesses (and traditional suppliers) to make it very simple for first time ‘consumers’ otherwise they’ll lose that customer from the outset.

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Ordered an item on the 2nd September through Fishpond America . Arrived today 27 October . I had ordered other items from the US and the UK which were delivered within 2 weeks . I must commend Fishpond on keeping me in the loop regarding stock shortages of this item and on prompt postage once they had restocked .

I have had other dealings with them though , selling items through them , which have been less than satisfactory due to them not living up to the promised service .