First look: Google Pixel 8 review

At nearly $1200 RRP, the Google Pixel 8 is a lot of phone, but how does it stack up compared to its competitors? Our experts go over the details:


I look forward to reading Choice’s testing about how it works as a phone to make and receive calls under variable signal qualities, not just as an entertainment device and camera. Nothing you have not read from me before :wink:


The price of some smartphones are expensive, especially when there is an expectation they will be replaced with a new one (with better bells and whistles) after a few years.

It would be good at some stage for Choice to do an article on the sweet spot price for a mobile phone. While mobiles ranging from circa $100 to $3000+, I expect that at some point the incremental price increase, the corresponding value diminishes to a point where, for most users, the additional price has no meaningful additional value. This price point could be valuable when assessing and considering a new phone purchase. I also appreciate that the sweet spot for each make would be different, as the price for similar offerings can vary between brands - but a guide would be useful.


My DIY version of that has been ranking the phones by score and then scanning for the obvious price break(s) where the price drops significantly but the score only marginally. I then go to Cybershack for a review that includes how well a phone works as a phone (if they test my short list).

Which dictates the sweet spot is individual; for some it is how well a phone works as a phone, for some the entertainment and gaming power, and others the camera photo or video quality.


I think the review missed saying it’s a dual e-sim phone, while there is no mention of 3G. Assume it is backward compatible for travel OS. We found roaming very recently rural areas in NZ where 3G was the only service. It is on the way out.

How well a mobile rates for use OS will be valuable information for many prospective purchasers. Also for any future review it would be useful to hear how it compares (performance and connection/service range) head to head with the other brand flagships at the same price point.


As landfill a premium model has very much the same value - environmental impact as a lesser option. (Hopefully recycled.)

There’s a greater prospect of a premium model being useable for longer or resold as a used mobile. IE Looking to the most commonly promoted reconditioned mobiles. I’ve averaged 6 years each out of my 4 previous mobiles. Hopefully the environment approves. The middle of the road models have traditionally lacked support after a few years. The less capable hardware delivering lesser performance may also be life extension limiting.


Doesn’t it have a screen problem where images - uh - pixel… nm.

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