First look: Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum review

At $2399 rrp, the first Dyson robot vac is not cheap and like most robot vacs will not clean as well as an upright manual model. However, it does have some unique features.

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No mopping. That’s a deal-killer for me.

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I have a major problem regarding this new Dyson robot vac. I own three robot vacuums now and I can say that having an auto empty base is a MAJOR game changer. When I didn’t have this feature, it was an absolute pain having to empty and clean out the rubbish bin every time I supposedly saved myself drudgery by having my robot vac clean the house. With the auto empty bin is is SO much easier. I only have to empty the bag after a couple of months.
This new and very expensive Dyson does not have an auto empty station and therefore, regardless of test results, I would not even consider buying it. It is definitely a step back in convenience.

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