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Tried this detergent as it was rated #1 by Choice. Unfortunately it has ruined my Chasseur Dutch oven, Global Knives and some of our stainless steel 18/10 cutlery. They went in shiny and they came out tarnished, dull and marked. The Chasseur feels like it has had the enamel or glaze stripped off. Devastated! I have tried to get it back but to no avail. Disappointed this didn’t come up in Choice testing however have since learnt they don’t use plates and cutlery when performing dishwasher detergent tests.
Has anyone had this experience?

From the Finish FAQs number 11


A lot of people have misconceptions about what they can put in a dishwasher. For example, people think you can’t put things like frying pans, sharp knives, saucepans, or crystal wine glasses inside a dishwasher. If the manufacturer says they’re dishwasher safe, you can!

So the question is, what do the manufacturers of your Chasseur Dutch Oven, and your cutlery have to say about being dishwasher safe?


You can put your Chasseur product in the dishwasher (with the exception of products with a wooden handle), but we don’t recommend that you do this regularly. Modern cleaning agents could attack and tarnish the enamel.

It’s half an answer.
Finish suggest asking the product manufacturer.
The product manufacturer suggests it depends on how the Finish cleaning agent performs with their product.

Chasseur do recommend how to clean their products. The dish washer is conditional. How much there is to learn about looking after and caring for modern cookware and appliances.

There are so many exceptions in the kitchen, none of which feature in the mass marketing and promotional advertising. Imagine a Finish advert that starts with the user very notably putting the enamelled cast iron cookware to one side for hand washing as they prepare to perfectly stack the DW. It’s in the fine print, one would hope.

Life is not set and forget, despite what Siri and Alexa suggest.
Once they are upgraded to link to the household kitchen security video camera, perhaps they will notice your error and announce,’Siri says Chasseur must not in the Dish Washer go!’. ‘Siri says the Auto Maid IV is now on special at Harvey Super Normal. Why cook and wash with our easy Apple Pay lease by the month plan?’.

Or is it? :thinking:


An experience quite a while ago was that if a tarnished finish/enamel does not compromise the product excepting its aesthetics, no worries as far as the company is concerned.

If the enamel lost its glaze and food now sticks hard it might be a cause to go for an ACL resolution.

As for the cutlery, knives are generally not to be put into the dishwasher although I punt most of us do. I have a mid-range set that has gone 3 decades so far and the knives have minor pits, some had to be disposed along the way. In contrast we also have a 3 year old fairly expensive set where the knives clearly are not happy in the dishwasher.

Most of the care instructions for cutlery I have seen warns about knives because of the different metal alloy compared to the forks and spoons.

Products also seem more tolerant at the lower heat settings, and not left inside the dishwasher for extended periods before or after the cycle.


Any stainless steel cutlery will tarnish in the dishwasher if it is stacked too densely and it comes into contact with other cutlery or doesn’t dry quickly. It might be worth seeing if the tarnish polishes off or comes off by running the cutlery through another was cycle.

As for the pots, this has been answered by others.

Choice has also written an article on how to stack a dishwasher and does and don’ts …



We we have been using these dishwashing tablets for years without any problems.

We place our stainless steel cutlery in the cutlery tray.

We do not put large knives in the dishwasher after we found out the hard way when the aluminium rivets were corroded away on an expensive cooks’ knife.

We hand wash our pots and pans as they are mainly Anolon Advanced which were stated as not being dishwasher safe, and they are still in excellent condition after some 20 years of regular use.