Finding a cheap superceded iPhone

I had a rather bad experience with purchasing an iPhone 5c via eBay (I know, idiot, but I did get a full refund after three handsets and six months of constant pestering, including quoting ACL).

I know there must be batches of real ones out there!! But where do I find them?

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Hi @loobylou,

I have an iPhone4 in pristine condition which I have been wanting to replace for a while. My iPhone works perfectly fine, the buttons still work, the screen is scratch free and has never been replaced. The edges of the phone have slide marks from removing the case.

I want to divest from the Apple conglomerate and invest in a more sustainable technology like Fairphone’s modular phone, but couldn’t justify buying a second phone while I still have a fully-functioning phone.

Let me know if you’re interested :slight_smile: