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Festive ice cream flavors - Champions Challenge

Tis the season for whacky festive flavours.

Following up from the hot-cross bun flavoured ice cream, CHOICE has heard there will be more festive flavours aplenty this Christmas.

CHOICE is keen to see if you’ve spotted any festive ice cream flavours yet, if so please leave a comment below to help inform their research. In fact, if you see any wacky festive-themed flavours, add them into the mix.

The Challenge
Snap a picture or post a link of Christmas-themed ice cream into this thread. Bonus points for other foods using festive flavours.

The Reward
Receive the Food Champions Award badge for your profile. Top posters will be offered a chance to become a Food Champion and work with CHOICE on important food issues.


These are from the Coles Christmas range on-line (we don’t shop at Coles). The pictured ones are “new”

Coles Gingerbread Cone 4 pack Coles Gingerbread Cone 4 pack 480mL new product $ 5 .00

Coles Strawberry & Vanilla Flavoured Snowman Pops Ice Cream Sticks 4 Pack 240mL new product $ 5 .00


@zackarii Good find . Thanks for the input to the post .