Favourite Sandwiches . What do you mainly make or buy?

Was walking through my local shopping mall recently around midday and noticed the sandwich shops were doing brisk business .

I went over to one and ordered my favourite sandwich . Cucumber , Cheese and Mayo on fresh white bread with a touch of salt and pepper .

What are your favourite sandwich/es ? Or do you have a go to filling you prefer ?

Look forward to reading your posts .


For fresh bread sandwiches, there are only 2.

Curried egg & lettuce sandwiches and corn beef, tomato & onion sandwiches.

Whilst some of the prepared egg & lettuce sandwiches are OK, it is very hard to find a curried one so I occassionally make them at home using free range eggs, Keen’s curry powder, Birch & Waite Free Range Whole Egg Mayo and fresh Coles multigrain bread.

Corned beef sandwiches have to be homemade using leftover corned beef, Coles cocktail truss tomatoes, white onion & fresh Coles multigrain bread.

For toasties, it is ham, cheese, Coles cocktail truss tomatoes and Masterfoods French Mustard on Coles multigrain bread.


We rarely make sandwiches, but might eat the ingredients, but not so assembled (meat, salad with slice of buttered bread) on a plate.

When out and buying lunch, it will be whatever is available at the small town cafe. That might be a choice of 5 or one ready made. Usually try to avoid processed meats and have multi-grain or wholemeal, if available. They will put it on a plate. Don’t ask about free range etc. Usually chicken/cheese or chicken lettuce or ham/cheese/tomato. Nothing fancy here.


Rarely buy them…used to ocassionly when I travelled with work but haven’t for many years.

Favourites include:

  • butter and tinned sliced beetroot
  • salad ones with so much filling of all types one needs to open one’s mouth fully.
    cream cheese and pickled ginger (like the pink Japanese pickles ginger).
  • sandwiches made by others such as friends for a party…these always seem to taste better than those made oneself as one doesn’t really know the filling contents until consumed…and it is a bit of a lottery/surprise.

A few when I do eat bread (though ALDI now have a very low carb bread and I do use it more frequently, Atkins range also now includes a bread mix with very low carb as well that is very much like a wholegrain bread):

Tinned Salmon (Red best but Pink is ok), onion, vinegar (red wine or balsamic types preferred), butter or close relative & wholegrain bread

Home cooked Corned Beef & sandwich pickles/branston pickle/Chutney (prefer hot mango but others will suffice, butter as previous and again same bread

Leftover Pork, Lamb or Beef roast with chutney or pickles or a good tomato sauce (may include salads)

Cheese and Tomato sauce on same bread butter combo

Condensed Milk on butter and bread (off the menu these days but still a fav)

Ham and or Chicken and or Salami and salad (lettuce, tomato, beetroot, thin slice of a sharp cheese, thinly sliced onion, grated carrot & sometimes sliced gerkins) plus same butter & bread combo

Peanut Paste (crunchy preferred) + a hazelnut/choc spread on same butter bread combo as previous

Peanut Paste + a nice jam eg plum, raspberry, or strawberry on same butter & bread combo

Peanut Paste on a slice of bread butter optional

Grilled fish with a smattering of tartare or hollandaise sauce on bread and butter

Prawn buttey (salad may or may not be added)

Mud Crab buttey (again salad may or may not appear)

Yes they do all appear in our house during the year.


Sounds soo decadent that I must have a try :wink:

When at home I’ll make a sandwich with anything at hand: tuna, cheese, salami, chicken, eggs and mayo, etc etc…
If stopping for a coffee at lunch time when out shopping I usually have Ham and Cheese toastie.


A couple of ones that I forgot to include are fish sandwiches and steak sandwiches.

Fish sandwiches with grilled or crumbed mackeral and tomato, beetroot, lettuce and mayo on fresh bread.

Steak sandwiches using a piece of rare porterhouse, rib fillet or eye fillet cut throught the middle and reheated in the microwave on fresh bread with the juices in the reheating dish poured over it. No sauces needed.


My mother determined that her new husband would never have the same sandwich filling twice in a month. I am too lazy and my new husband is too fussy, too much of a plain eater, to revive these. Stand-outs for me were

  • Grated apple with walnuts and a touch of Vegemite with some other dried fruit? in there.
  • Mock turkey (potato, onion, egg & seasoning)
  • Foie Gras made from scratch - probably sheep’s liver, mined & seasoned
  • Walnut & celery butter; with cayenne pepper, mayo mashed to a cream (no celery strings)
  • Corned beef with pickled nuts, mustard, or chutney
  • Pin wheels - whatever at hand finely minced between 3 slices, rolled up & cut to wheels
  • Stacks - ditto but flat, cut into ‘cubes’ like a sandwich cake - colourful fillings
  • Mutton steamed till tender, minced with apple & mint
  • Greens - piles of whatever is in the garden with mysterious tasty herbs

We had to eat our crusts, unless Mum wanted to make bread crumbs. I suspect that’s when we got crustless pinwheels etc to use up the bread not crumbed. This was before food processors, blenders etc. Pastes were not in jars, they were home made.


Toasties - with whatever is in the fridge/cupboard and lashings of cheese - and bread to hold it together …

Trying to cut down on what is basically a bread constrained melted cheese and everything stew …


Sausage sandwiches: cooked sausages halved lengthwise with chutney on whatever bread we have (home made, varies from white to seeded to wholemeal to sourdough to a Scandinavian dark rye).
Ham and beetroot on sliced bread.
Ham and salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, grated carrot, beetroot) with the magic ingredients of a very little sliced red onion and apple!
Cheese, beetroot and mayo on sliced bread.
Definitely egg and lettuce on sliced white or brown.
Smoked ham, cheese and artichokes with garlic mayo in baguette.
Prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, drizzled with olive oil in crusty baguette.
Open sandwich with bread smeared with olive oil and rubbed with garlic, then tomato, a little fine sliced red onion, basil, and maybe some feta or goat cheese.
They sound like fancy (and expensive) cafe lunches, but are all quick and easy to make at home!


Just had condensed milk on toast, @grahroll
it’s heavenly, I’m hooked now! :slightly_smiling_face:


Very glad you enjoyed it. It is as I said a fav of mine but off the menu at the moment. It is an old fashioned ingredient on a sandwich but if you think it is good on toast wait till you try it on nice fresh bread and a bit of butter. White is I think the best one for this but you may prefer a different type bread eg wholemeal.


That takes me back to the 1940’s and my grandmother making me condensed milk sandwiches. Don’t think I’ve had one since, but I do like boiled egg sarnies.


It’s hard to go past an curried egg and lettuce sandwich made on fresh sour dough or a plain light rye first coated with a light spread of fresh soft creamy butter.

For a little more punch.
Fresh leg ham with home made spicy mango chutney on just about any fresh and firmer textured bread. More correctly a spicy mango chutney and ham sandwich sometimes. Add lettuce, tomato, cucumber to taste.

When in season.
Avocado, tomato and Swiss cheese works great on what ever bread is to hand.


Great minds think alike?


I hope so.

Although I typically eat and taste mostly with my mouth and tongue. :rofl:


I love fresh bread with butter, cranberry sauce and sliced leg ham, tomatoes, lettuce and a small amount of red onion.

I just can not say no to that! :kissing_heart: