Father's Day gift ideas

@DenisGallagher shares some gifts ideas Father’s Day. Have something on the wishlist? Share it below.

We’ve put together an updated gift guide for Father’s Day. Do any dads in the Community have something exciting on their wishlist?




Or one of these genuine Aussie made vehicles.

But if if I can’t have a new vehicle, I’d be happy with one of these.

All parked outside the battery business we use.

The green truck was an original Ford V8 which now has what looks like a Cleveland V8 engine.

The yellow truck has a turbo charged V8 engine mounted behind the cabin and the hot rod on its tray has a twin turbo V8 engine.


Is it worth pointing out, someone has to, that Father’s Day is not a universal celebration?

While it’s great to celebrate the respective family relationships of Fathers and Mothers, not all grown ups or indeed some children have that opportunity.

How poignant is retail in it’s crass commercialisation and inappropriate monetisation? Ideal retail values for a morally imperfect society.

Our past Mum and Dad’s days pre Covid were always celebrated in very simple family events. Gifts were not the norm. The craft made trinkets from preschool etc were the most valued.

Although today the best gift might be zero Covid in the community. At least then our mum locked down in aged care would have some one to one contact, and the borders between us and our extended families not a challenge.

Better to celebrate families, Aunties, Uncles and cousins in a less materialistic way. I’m confident many others do to.


Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and some others are commonly referred to as ‘Hallmark Holidays’ in some places. I doubt that need be further clarified as to raison d’etat or ‘sponsorship’.

is the foundation of life for many people, AKA ‘a dollar in my pocket is all that matters’ and here is another reason to put a few in.


My late mother used to say that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were created by the US so as to help fill in the commercial exploitation gaps between Easter and Xmas.

I reckon that she was on the money.


The only gift needed (and is priceless), is to spend quality time with the family. (Token) bought presents will be forgotten, memories of a wonderful day will last forever.


My father passed away a few years ago.
Until his 80s I would get him a bottle
of Napoleon Brandy, his favourite
ever since he read that a small drink of brandy protected Churchill from a fatal heart attack (:wink:)

When he no longer consumed alcohol, but developed a sweet tooth, my gift would be a box of chocolates.

I would alway write a personal message on his card, and spend some time with him.

Wish he was still with me.


And a bottle of Scotch a day apparently kept him going with just 4 hours sleep a night according to WWII documentaries.


It was the banquets he had in secret that kept him going.