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Fatalities prompt quad bike investigation


Quad bikes are responsible for thousands of injuries and over 100 fatalities, prompting the government to investigate safety improvements for the vehicles. The task force is set to release its findings in mid 2018.

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… surely ROPS and restraints would be a big start … no it’s not pretty, but …


Education - although it might be wasted on some. The perception in our family is that quads are just safer motorbikes, therefore suitable for kids. Fathers regard the seat belts, helmets & ROPS as sissy. G’dau hopped in our ute to go down the back paddock - wouldn’t put seat belt on, told us to take ours off, you’re on your own property, you don’t need that sh!t - 10yr old echoing her father. I insisted as we had steep creek crossings and wash-outs.
Dad put 12 & 8yr olds on a quad with an 8yr old friend sitting on the back - clearly labelled You Must Be 16 To Drive, Two Only - they rolled, minor injuries and the oldest now frightened of any risk. 8yr old wouldn’t get back on so Dad told her to Man Up and get on or else. Grand-dad agrees with sons.
I won’t have quads on our property, he’s been smashed up in two major motorcycle accidents, another will finish his quality of life. I disagree with notions of that kids need to have prangs to learn or be a Man.

Need to get it through to adults that these are NOT TOYS, even for big boys.


Noted that the submission process to the ACCC closed in May and the report is still to come second half of 2018.

There has been previously much public commentary and grumbling from the supplier and retail industry. How the report is presented and responded to will be a telling test of the ACCC and ministers responsible?

As a novice occasional user for practical needs quads can be very challenging. It is notable that others I know well who are far more adept and experienced and wiser than I have between them an assortment of injuries arising from the ‘safe use’ of quads. At least a quad cannot bite, kick or refuse a jump? It can only fail to rise to the expectations of the user trying to immitate some kid on a prepared aerial course.