Fast Forwarding Recorded TV Programs

Is it just me but I recently wished to watch the Rugby on Stan after the game. So far so good . Whilst watching I wanted to Fast Forward through the “ slow “ parts but this is where I had problems . No like the “old days “ when you pushed the Fast Forward “ button to where you wished to rejoin normal viewing . You can still go forward but in 10sec frames which I found very hard to see where I needed to be .
Does anyone know why this was changed because for me it is not user friendly. It seems like we are going back in time.

I can still Fast Forward Stan using the Stan App on my Sony TV. It may depend on which device you use since Stan seems to operate differently on some devices.

You can also try pressing pause, then move the position using the right arrow key. When I do this I can advance to any point rather quickly.

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Thanks for advice . Is your Sony TV a Smart TV.