Fast Food improvements

Saw a video article that was prompted by a Herald Sun newspaper article. What it is talking about is including automatically with an order water, salad and/or fruit unless the customer requests otherwise. While not perhaps the best answer it certainly would improve the quality of many fast food current options.

While the TV item was somewhat negative about it, it has to be said the idea certainly has good merit.


Back in the early 70’s I worked for an American restaurant business in Sydney. As soon as customers sat down to order food they were automatically delivered a gratis bowl of salad and a large glass of water. Most new patrons were surprised and said that they had not ordered these things, and appeared pleasantly taken back when told it was free. (Of course the cost was built into the pricing.)

Now days, that would be seen as adding cost and taking away from profits.

Perhaps there needs to be some value consideration developed to motivate food outlets to provide these things.