Farming equipment not fit for purpose

Just purchased yet another 2, new hand applicator pieces for sheep work and the first one broke on the second sheep……… the second on the tenth!!! Not able to even recycle.

Hi @Farmer, certainly something different to discuss.
Are you able to identify the brand or supplier? It might help others less familiar with sheep to explain what purpose the applicators serve. I’m assuming they are for ear tags, and not drench applicators or other use.


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You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law. I am not familiar with your status as a farmer being a consumer or business, but if the former you can search the Community, Choice, and the ACCC for your rights under the ACL and how you can proceed; and if you are a business,

If your supplier is not helpful start with the formality of a Letter of Complaint.

If you need more guidance please post again, and if not please keep your topic updated how you go.


It would be a case of being treated as a business. Still they have the option of a Civil and Administrative Tribunal if the supplier is recalcitrant in helping replace defective goods.


Not necessarily. From the ACCC page

When you buy goods or services for your business which are:

  • under $100,000
  • over $100,000 and normally bought for personal, domestic or household use or consumption
  • vehicles and trailers used mainly to transport goods on public roads

your business will be considered a consumer and entitled to certain remedies under the consumer guarantees if something goes wrong.


Hi Mark_m, thank you for your response all that time ago. I was just so annoyed I’m sick of so badly designed equipment. Year after year we waste our money. I have now made contact with the American makers and will be speaking to their design team member in the next fortnight. And, it was a drench gun. Take care. Tess

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Thank you for your helpful response to my dilemma with the drench gun.
I’m now in discussions with the American company. I am just too frustrated by the badly designed equipment I have to waste money on many times a year.
Stay healthy