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My wife showed me an ad that appeared on her iPad for what looked like a gadget we and other family members could definitely use.

However, the actual ad had all the hallmarks of a shonky.

  • Limited stocks.
  • Limited time.
  • Massive discount.
  • Nothing online about the supplier.

Their webpage is filled with similar dodgey offers with the Portable Lift Aid having a different expiry time to the link I posted above.

I said to my wife that I would not deal with them and she Googled “portable lift” and got this one amongst the results for a very similar device.

  • No misleading or deceptive conduct.

  • No fake testimonals.

  • A well known and established Australian TV supplier.

Their price in AUD including P & H is less than Fairdales price of USD $39.95 even without any shipping charges.

And even better, if it actually a scam, we won’t be getting caught out.



It has all the hallmarks of…

And even the website has a lot of very similar distinguishing characteristics. The Terms and Conditions looks remarkably similar.


Kogan also sell the Liberty Lift for $39.00


The online scam trust level indicator is also on the fence about this one…

It would be one to avoid and possibly go to known retailers with Australian presence.


I think that I would trust Global Shop Direct more than Kogan.


Fred I think Golbal Shop are a partnered seller through Kogan .


As an alternative, can I suggest visiting KMart and buy a Pilates Ring for $8.50. You can each grab one of the padded bits AND you have saved over $50! The rings are designed for significant pushing and pulling so would work to help someone rise out of a seat.

Another option is to buy to two sets of Resistance Training Kit - Grip Handles for $20, and join them with a shackle each from Bunnings. May cost a total of $30. Still half the price of the product you looked at. (I know the grips can take a considerable weight as I use them with my physio.)

If there isn’t a KMart near you in Cairns, perhaps BigW or some other similar store might carry these sort of items in stock.


As far as I know Dick Smith owns Kogan.

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The other way round.

Kogan bought the rights to use the name for online selling when Dick Smith went belly up.

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Close - Kogan owns Dick Smith :wink:

On 15 March 2016 it was revealed that , the online retailer founded by Ruslan Kogan, had acquired the Dick Smith brand, trademarks, intellectual property, and its online business in Australia and New Zealand for an undisclosed price.

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It is worth noting that Dick Smith (the person) didn’t own Dick Smith (the brand) when it went into liquidation and was subsequently sold (brand) to Kogan.


I have reservations about both especially when you are lucky to get what you ordered within the supposed time just in case it doesn’t represent what is advertised.