Facebook permitting Temu to advertise products which may be illegal to use or import to Australia

Facebook sponsor Temu advertising firearms.

Facebook Firearms adverts from Temu. Also small electric vehicles that probably are unregisterable in Australia…and many other too cheap to be true items. Why does the usually censorius Facebook permit advertisement of thes illegal items?


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It’s a challenging question, considering Temu is a giant of the online shopping world and Facebook a similarly positioned social media business. All relative to Australia. Therein may be one explanation.

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Not a unique scenario.
Escooters for sale which are illegal to use
There are similar observations found in other community topics on purchasing 230volt mains electrical items from OS suppliers or other items which do not meet Australian Safety Standards. Buyer beware.

Not just Facebook and …. Temu, Amazon, AliExpess etc.


and it is often legal to advertise, import and sell ‘illegal’ items, it is just not legal to use them. No comments on the rationalisation of that required.