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Today I received by courier, personally addressed to me, at my home address, an EziChat Call Manager device, which you plug into your telephone line, to make pre-paid landline international calls. I did not order this device and was puzzled as to why I received it.
The purpose of writing this post is to alert other subscribers to this method of doing business, and to determine if other Choice subscribers have received this unsolicited device. The parent company is registered as, Aggregato Australia P/L trading as Aggregato Global.
EziChat, a subsidiary of Aggregato, are agents for 108 different phone calling cards. Went to their website to see what it is all about. There is a connection fee, which varies according to the destination. There is also a service fee of $0.50 to $1.00 per week. The expiry date for the cards is 90 days, and there is a disconnection fee of $0.25 for each call made.
Before I make the next statement, I should point out that I have been a Choice subscriber for over 40 years, and that this has made me somewhat skeptical or cautious, of perceived dodgy business practices.
I have decided that I am not going to connect, or use the device, as I think it may compromise the integrity of my Telstra account, in that calls might be able to be made using my number by a third party, and I end up with them on my phone bill. I would question why I need to connect a device to my phone line to use a calling card. I already have a calling card with another company, and don’t need a device to make calls.
I am not intending to send the device back to Aggregato, since I didn’t order it, and will wait until and unless they send me a pre-paid envelope to return it.
I might unintentionally be doing this company a disservice, and everything about them may be above board.
I look forward to responses from other Choice Community members in due course.


One question, did anyone else in the household inadvertently order it?

If not, I’d send them an email/fill in online form advising of the unauthorised delivery and request that they arrange for the devices collection.

Their contact details are here.

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Thanks for the link and advice. I will wait and see what responses I get, if any, and return the item as you suggest.
No, there are no other people in our house that would have ordered it, as there is only the two of us now.
I forgot to mention in my original posting the that device they sent me, is advertised on their website as being $29.95 which includes free delivery and $10 credit on calls. :relaxed:

Also, don’t throw it out or get rid of it in other ways (e.g. give it away) unless Ezichat specifically says so (preferably in writing). …otherwise they could make a claim against you for destroying their property.

Hi @Airsie, thanks for sharing this info. The company has collected your details from somewhere, and it’s possible it’s form of unsolicited marketing, although it’s pretty aggressive without any previous contact or relationship. I also note that their social media accounts have been dormant for a number of years.

Personally, I’d be wary of any telecommunications device that arrives unsolicited. Contacting the company is a good first step - will be interested to hear how you go.

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Thanks Brendan. I will wait for a few days to see if I hear from them, and after that will contact them with a view to returning the device. I will keep you posted as to how I get on.

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Thanks once again for your advice. I remember some years ago reading of my legal obligations in returning unsolicited goods in Choice magazine.
See below, my answer to Brendan’s posting

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This kind of thing is insidious and while covering your butt is probably a good idea, the fact that you feel you need to do anything when these clowns send stuff unsolicited is part of it’s bite.

I’d be tempted to put it in the cupboard and forget it. If they contact you, say you never received it (assuming you didn’t sign for it) - if it’s by phone, remind them you don’t want anything anyway, if its by mail then ignore that too. Any kind of engagement can be misconstrued by these kinds of shysters …

You do not have any kind of contract with these people unless you have provably agreed to it in some way.