Expensive orthotics no better than a 'sham', review finds

Interesting - I’ve used them, and don’t anymore. Peoples views on them often seem strong and polarised, and there seem to be a variety of related issues that can manifest differently among people from what I’ve observed - but I’m certainly not an expert in this field or anything close to it, so my observations are simply that, and anecdotal …


I use custom orthotics due to polio and consequential differences between my legs.

To have new ones made is in the order of $1500 including consultation fees & the cost of the orthotics.

For the life of me, I can not understand why they are so expensive. Nor can I see value-for-money for the $500 odd for consultations just to stick my feet into fancy mounds. (I remember when they used to be plaster of Paris that warmed your feet as they set.)

This is an industry that’s ripe for review.


I just use/used Strassburg Socks, pretty cheap compared to the prices quoted. Was recommended and supplied by an Orthopedic Surgeon in the Public Health system.