Exchange of Vitamins at the chemist

I purchased a pack age (sealed plastic bottle) of vitamins at the local Chemist Wharehouse only to discover that I purchased the wrong ones. The next day I took them back to exchange for the correct ones, only to be told that they cannot exchange packs of vitamins. This may be Chemist Wharehouse’s rules but is also some government rule??

Hi @RichardMcD, welcome to the community.

This is what is called a change of mind and falls outside the Australian Consumer Law. For change of minds, businesses can choose what policy they wish to accept. This can be not allowing a change in mind through to conditions which needs to be satisfied on order to allow a change in mind to occur.

The Chemist Warehouse website states for change in minds:

Products we cannot accept returns for include medication, baby formula, vitamins, fragrances and consumable products.

which they can lawfully do.

Unfortunately as Chemist Warehouse has indicated that they don’t accept change in minds for vitamins, there is little you will be able to do