Excellent Customer Service

I have been, due to my weight issues, a customer o Kingsize Big and Tall Clothing, both in person and on-line for a number of years.

Due to my 21 kg weight loss (planned) I decided to celebrate and purchase some polo shirts on-line through Kingsize Big and Tall Clothing. I ordered a selection of three polo shirts, all size 5XL, across different brands.

Rather than just fill the order the On-line Sales Manager saw fit to query my order as although 5XL sizes were available across the brands, the actual 5XL sizes ranged from a chest measurement of 148 to 184 cm chest measurement. The new me needs a 127 cm polo shirt.

In determining my required size, I had done a quick google search prior to ordering and determined that my size was 5XL.

Upon the query from Kingsize Big and Tall clothing I accessed their guide to clothing sizes and was quite shocked. ( BIG MENS SIZE INFORMATION POLO SHIRTS )

Across brands / stores listed a 5XL polo shirt had a chest measurement from 127 cm to 184 cm.

The On-line Sales Manager readily agreed to cancel my order and arrange for the refund of monies paid.

The level of Service Kingsize Big and Tall displayed on this occasion was exceptional but given my experience with this Retailer over an extended period, probably predictable.


Welcome to the world of womens’clothing.
Sizes in my wardrobe vary from M to Xxl from 12 to 18. And while a lot depends on which department store they are sourced from, I find myself with a too big size 12 t shirt and a too small size sixteen t shirt.
As you can guess I don’t do online shopping. Its nice to see that there are still some retailers who will double check your selection.


Shopping for the bigger sizes on-line is a nightmare, it seems just about every manufacturer has a different concept of nXL sizes really mean.

Going into a physical store is the only thing that works for me.

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I have to agree that in-store shopping is the best option. Last year I bought a woollen pullover in L size, had it damaged by moths on a visit and bought an exact replacement, which despite its label, was clearly much bigger. In a reverse situation, jeans from the same store brand and in the same size nevertheless were clearly and measurably different sizes, explained by the store manager as being due to different styling. Maybe so, but in fact one pair fits nicely and the other was uncomfortably tight. I don’t believe the actual measurement has any useful meaning.