Everten onlines use of environmentally friendly packaging

Just thought I would do this post to comment on Everten onlines respect for the environment in their packaging . It shows a real concern for our environment that I wish some other online retailers would take heed of . Everything they use to pack with is is either recycled or biodegradable . This is the only earth we have and our home and it’s good to see a company respecting it .


Thanks @vax2000, we love hearing about companies doing the right thing.

Peter’s of Kensington is good too. Initially I was shocked to see packing peanuts in a box, but there was a note about the packing materials - the peanuts were plant based material and dissolve in water. Fantastic. When shopping online, I always request no plastic packaging and even offer to pay extra. Works well for smaller retailers but the larger ones have their standard system - usually plastic.


@Yienna I also use Peter’ of Kensington and find they are environmentally very conscious of their packaging . Great range of gifts too . I agree that Everten and Peter’s are to be applauded as big retailers yet they maintain that environmental consciousness .Others should take note .


I’ve recently been emailing with the Good On You app people about highlighting plastic free products and retailers with plastic free packaging. Fingers crossed.


@Yienna Way to go "The word is mightier than the sword " Keep emailing them .I’ll check that app out too .

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Thanks. Yep. They have been highly supportive. So, looking forward to seeing how they evolve to meet and promote current ethics.

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