Eucalyptus oil hand sanitiser, sanitising surface sprays

The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company in Arnold , Vic, has been distilling pure Australian Eucalyptus oil since 1895 . They have hand sanitizers, refill quantities, sanitizer surface spray, great laundry liquid and powder, dish washer powder etc. limit of 2 items in the hand sanitizer but I bought 2 of the litre bottles tonight to fill my little bottles. On-line shop or visit shop in Morang, outside of Bendigo. Support a country business - and keep it going in Australia even just for health crises like this one!! I have used their products for years and highly recommend. Please let elderly and vulnerable people know. (Which is why I bought the refill amounts to freely share around!) Link is

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It seems they are overwhelmed! From their website today


I love eucalyptus oil for all kinds of things. I put it in a small unglazed ceramic pot just near the air intake of my CPAP machine and it helps my breathing Just not sure of its value in sanitising for a virus which is contained in a shell of lipids. Thats why the general consensus is that soap and warm water works better than sanitiser, and sanitisers should have at least 60% alcohol as part of their makeup. I’ve tried to see what the ingredients are (because I’d love to order some) but they have taken the whole site down presumably until they can take orders again. So… Whats in it?


Given the panic buying of such products in Covid19 season we need to ask do these products kill the coronavirus? Unless some evidence can be produced to show that they do it would be wise to assume that they do not.


Washing with soap and water or an alcohol solution is the most basic recommendation everywhere. If one washes and washes and washes it is likely helpful.

But a few cleaning recommendation from Rutgers University includes the caveat ‘Vinegar, tea tree oil and other natural products are not recommended for fighting coronaviruses.’

Edgy humour, somewhat related, but @syncretic opened the door :slight_smile:

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For the “Rinse Free Hand Wash” (ie hand sanitiser) The ingredients are listed as “Alcohol,water, glycerine, eucalyptus oil,tea tree oil, lemon myrtle oil”. I think I remember reading (before site closed for the next week or so) that there was something like 85% alcohol and 15% of oils. On the sanitising surface spray (Bygum Eucalyptus Spray) the label says it contains 85% methylated spirits (alcohol) and 15% Bygum Eucalyptus oil. My husband and I are in one of the vulnerable categories and are very happily using both. The scent from all their products are so beautifully strong. Their eucalyptus oil is 100% pure - but we buy the made up products - but I guess people could buy the eucalyptus oil and meths and mix their own (in normal times they recommend 70% meths and 25% their Bygum eucalyptus oil.) Anyway, I just share this to help if people are in need. Everyone has to make their own decisions and I am no medical person. But in our vulnerability I am happy with our choice. :slight_smile:


No that sounds fine, based on my reading. I’ll be keeping an eye on the site for the future. Anything Eucalyptus and I am happy.


Thanks for filling in the details while their website is ‘under maintenance’ from overload.

85% alcohol is well in the region of being efficacious against the coronavirus according to the references I found.


The higher the % of alcohol, the shorter the time the alcohol needs to be left on to kill the virus. At 70% it only needs to be left on for 30 seconds, which is about how long it takes to evaporate. At 60% it needs several minutes to work. The reality is the sanitiser does not last on the hand for 2 minutes, so does not kill the virus properly, and will likely lead to a build up of immunity to alcohol in the virus.


I always prefer soap and hot water. I have a small container (a few ml) of Aqium but have not needed it outside the house, since the only place I go is the supermarket and they are supplying at the door.