Energy Australia conning customers!

18 months ago, Energy Australia advised my contract was ending and they made a generous discount offer LESS than I was then currently getting. I rang and complained and they upped the offer which I accepted. This was a discount of 17% - 14% on useage and 3% for paying on time (plus no service charge for 2 months!). OK.

Now I have recently received my bill with a letter Introducing loyalty rates just for you! This letter refers to new rates that have been applied since July 2017 (!!!) Needless to say I did not know anything had changed because there was no notification until now.

Still reading on and they make the very generous offer of ‘loyalty rates’ of 2% off supply rates on every bill PLUS 2% off useage rates on every bill. Whoppie! So an extra 4% on top of the 17% already given. Yes! Winner!!

Not so fast… It goes on to say that you won’t see this on the bill??? It is already included in the rates on the bill. (???). And what is on my bill? Yup the 17% that has been there since May 2016! And just so I am playing fair the costs have risen from $0.2198 per kw/h peak consumption to $0.2876 per kw/h (approx 30% up) and $0.1092 per kw/h to $0.1554 dedicated circuit consumption (up 40%+) and finally supply charge has risen from $0.75 per day to $0.97 per day (up almost 30%)! And to add insult to injury they are also charging me $1.69 for a paper bill!!! WTF!

So despite Mr Turnbull’s insistence that Energy suppliers notify customers of the very best contract for them, it seems this is all smoke and mirrors - as usual. I supposedly get more discount. Of course you cannot see this, and I am still paying approx 43% more now than 18 months ago? And I pay extra fro them to send me a bill as well.



HMMM , me thinks to quote Benjamin Franklin which could pertain to Malcolm Turnbullshit . " Half wits talk much, but say little "