Emirates Airlines Saga part 3

Hello all
Just a final report on my dealings with Emirates . . .
As you know we were ripped off to the tune of$4500 when we missed our flight out of Brisbane and were charged full “economy” fares to Dubai to catch our connecting flights.
Well, Emirates is opaque as far as trying to find someone in customer “service” so I went on their Facebook site and dropped the whole sorry saga on their huge readership(why would anyone follow an airline Facebook site? Get a life?).
Lo and behold “customer complaints” contacted me ! The email was signed “yours sincerely” by the customer complaint department not by a real human being!
Anyway 3Weeks later a real person emailed me with a long , unintelligible missive which basically,I think , said it was all my fault but out of the goodness of their corporate heart they would refund me some portion of the $4500!
It turned out to be $1650 but even my travel agent could not work out how the refund amount had been calculated.
Anyway fellow travellers take heart! If you get the wrong end of the pineapple with your airline( and you always will!) take to them with a vengeance on social media and you may recoup some of your hard earned.
Cheers to all!


Thanks for the update @buddytess, glad that you managed to reclaim some of the lost funds.

In case other readers want to find the other posts, here’s part 1 and part 2.


Did you see if a claim could be made against your travel insurance company? If you could, all you would have lost is the excess for the policy rather than the $2850 through dealing with Emirates.

You are lucky that Emirates were sympathetic and refunded part of the new booked flight cost…it is likely that this is not something they were required to do under the ticket’s terms and conditions where a missed flight is not the result of the carrier (but caused by the passenger).

If you believe there is a chance that you may arrive late for a flight (e.g. connecting flight on two different carriers) or not showing for a flight (e.g. because something happens or you are trying to save money by only using part of a multi-sector flight), it is also very important to understand the terms and conditions associated with the purchased ticket.

One can also request a refund online, if one believes a refund is warranted, using the Emirates Website…see this link. This is for tickets booked directly with Emirates (either online or through one of their contact centres).

Requests for refunds for tickets bought elsewhere should be made through that booking agency.

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