Electrolux Fridge Warranty - Inverter Control Board

Just wondering what others think about my warranty situation…

I purchased an Electrolux Fridge 5 years and 3 months ago. The warranty for the fridge is 2 years, except for the compressor, external condenser, evaporator and drier, which have an additional 3 years (5 years total). The warranty seems very poor compared to other brands.

My fridge completely died and Electrolux came and fixed it. It needed a new Inverter Control Board, which cost me $150 service fee, plus $257 for the new part ($407 total). Naturally i was pretty angry at how much it cost to have the fridge fixed.

Am i within my rights to complain and have this covered under the warranty? Or am i expecting too much?

The fridge is an Electrolux EBE5367SA ($2,399 RRP)


Welcome to the Community @Aklix

You would need to rely on the Australian Consumer Law and present ‘evidence’ a mid-range fridge should last longer than 5 years. Choice general advice on longevity is

It is arguable where budget and midrange and high-end overlap, but 9 years should be a reasonable expectation. One needs to get a fridge fixed in a timely manner without having to argue with a manufacturer or shop, and since it has been repaired by Electrolux that could help your case in getting a refund for all or part of the repair.

Read about your rights under the ACL (search the Community) and have a chat with Electrolux. If they not helpful send a formal Letter of Complaint to management/complaints. That being written Electrolux is not technically the responsible party under the ACL, the original retailer is. It may be convenient to try Electrolux first under the circumstances but if they fob you off go the the retailer management.

Anything less than a Letter of Complaint can be no more than idle chit chat in getting a favourable resolution, and there is advice on writing one by searching the Community as well as helpful tools on Choice and the ACCC websites.

Unfortunately many issues surrounding the ACL are less than crisp, and note the Choice advice on repairs as a data point. Since parts do break your problem at 5 years is not clear cut but you may find a sympathetic ear.