Electric Blanket Temperature Range

With increasing power, Gas and Electricity, charges I would like to use an electric blanket for very cold nights. The temperature range should possibly be in the 18°C to 38°C range. So far everything seems to start too high and finish way too high. Makes me wonder if they ever test their Electric Blankets on real people. Would also like the foot area to be warmer too.
Does anyone know of an Electric Blanket that has say an 18°C to 38°C range for temperature and is safe to run all night. Please and thank you.

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Hi @WallyDraigles, welcome to the community.

Choice has tested electric blankets in the past (member content)…

It is worth noting that the temperatures recorded by Choice are maximum temperature measured at the highest setting. Lower settings would have lower temperatures.

Some electric blankets have separate foot and body settings, so feet can have different temperatures to the body.


Haven’t used an electric blanket since I set my bed on fire when I was doing HSC. You may have a great reason to have it on all night. If not, it can save electricity if you heat it up then jump into bed and turn it off. The temperature of your body and the blanket should soon come to a comfortable agreement.