Electric Bike Car racks

I want to find out reviews for car BIKE RACKS that carry 2 electric bikes. Any information out there? I don’t see any in the CHOICE reviews.
Thank you, Bonnie dekker


Welcome to the community @bonnie.dekker

Although e-bikes are gaining in popularity, the special racks they require remain a niche market and still in the province of ‘enthusiast journals’. Yet those I could find focus on the ebikes, not carriers.

FWIW Choice works with limited budgets and tested/reviewed products are based on consumer demand and volume, as well as works with sister agencies such as Consumer NZ, Which! and possibly ConsumerReports to share and republish. One example is the ebike review done by ConsumerNZ and adapted for Australia (member content)

Googling ‘rack for electric bike reviews’ returns mostly bike shop/provider hits and a few that appear to monetised ‘review sites’.

It would be good if some reviews and references were added to this topic as I suspect an increasing number of people will be interested in at least buyers guides if not complete reviews and tests.