Election day sausage and cake reviews 🗳🌭🍰

It’s a secret ballot so I won’t be talking about that, but the location of the best sausage sandwiches on election day should be no secret. I’ll be out to vote soon and will report back.

I’d love to add my two cents here but I’m vegetarian. I had a delicious cupcake from the cake stall at Epping Heights Public School though!

Polling/sausage and cake location: Kegworth Public School

Electorate: Grayndler

We arrived to find a long queue for the polls, but a general agreement among those in the queue that it was okay to skip out to get a sausage and then rejoin the queue in your previous position. A controversial queuing practice, but very practical in this instance. The sausage in a bun stand was set up conveniently close to the polling place and school playground, and all proceeds go to the Kegworth P&C to support the school.

Sausage situation: nice snags in crusty rolls for $4. Onions, tomato and BBQ sauce available at no extra charge. Egg and bacon rolls available at the same price. Well cooked, hot and tasty. Personally I prefer the traditional single slice of soggy white bread but the rolls are fresh and delicious so I concede the point.

Drinks: water and fizzy drinks available for an extra dollar. Hot drinks for $2 - tea, or coffee in its instant or plunger forms. I went for the tea.

Cakes: Kegworth runs an impressive little cake stall. Cupcakes, banana bread, muffins, rocky road, slices of banana cake and chocolate & raspberry cake, gluten free biscuits and chocolate crackles, all for $1 each. The kids were pleased and our youngest (nearly 6) had his first ever rocky road which he rates “deeelicious”.

Service: Friendly and fast from the Kegworth volunteers.

Overall, I rated this a five star sausage in a bun election day experience. Would vote again.

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Good point. I’ve updated the topic title to include cakes, which are a crucial element in any properly run election.

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You’ve really upped the ante on on sausage sizzle reviews @viveka! Vote 1 for Democratic Sausage Sizzle Party :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seat of Adelaide, voted at Salvation Army, Norwood.
Sausage sangers were $2.50 and cans of drink $1.50 (so the sign said)
Unfortunately they hadn’t even started the barbie, nor were there any drinks available when I arrived to vote at 7:50am. Even after voting the situation was still the same.
The wife suggested later we go back for one but by that time I was in my dressing gowning getting warm and compfy in front of the tv.

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I voted at the Community Church, Eaton Road, West Pennant Hills. The sausage sizzle, cold drinks (cordial) and cakes were all free and very nice too! They did accept donation; but not compulsory. Were there any other booth which offered this?

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I’m an early voter, but I find that the sausage sizzle and cake stands don’t get cracking till at least 10am when I’m done and dusted.

Where’s the coffee and eggs and spinach rolls for brekky? I miss out on the BBQ action every year.

Anyone know any good voting places which cater for all-day deliciousness?

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