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Effects of climate change on the consumer


Dealing with deforestation and climate change, Brazil style.

Better watch out, Alan Finkel.



Closer to home and equally relevant.

Has the situation changed?

The current Qld Government has introduced new legislation since. However the rural response is like the din and drone of a thousand drummers and pipers all playing out of time.

As a single dot point, most farmers or the now big farming enterprises view land ownership as a transfer of all rights for use of their land to make a living/profits. It’s not a social license, which might be a more urban view, or something that should be subject to regulation. There is an argument that given ‘self regulation’ is favoured by government, the same should apply to agriculture and rural land use.

It’s a devisive topic. With few exceptions the actual farming practices behind every day consumer products are not evident from the packaging or branding. Consumers rarely get a chance to influence agricultural and land use practices except through the ballot box and political choice.

The recent change in the NSW State Govt has seen a decision by the now L&NP govt to not prosecute historical offences in breech of environmental legislation. Nothing more to see there?


US-focused, but relevant to Australia. Financial collapse precipitated by climate change (or at least reactions to impacts of climate change) would undoubtedly affect consumers. Interesting that one of the steps suggested is to invest in power reticulation infrastructure.

IPCC reports, CO2 based energy production, the consequences of action or no action

Climate Q&A: will we be less healthy because of climate change?

Nothing that hasn’t been said somewhere before but quite a nice short summary with a regional focus.


Things will no doubt continue to change and people will have to adapt


Rough flights are probably not the worst that will happen:

Speaking of wind:


Oops. Sorry about that.


For those consumers who can afford skiing holidays in Europe:



Qld researchers investigating using pink seaweed to stop cattle burping methane.

Great stuff.



Less vegetation, less/more expensive food; drier vegetation, more fires/higher insurance premiums.

Feedback loop > tipping point?


Seems like a losing battle when you have the likes of this.

And the president of the world denying that global warming exists.