eBay Plus, flybuys, premium shopping experience?

The new eBay Plus? flybuys linking? Will people really pay for a premium shopping experience?

More catches than a fishing trawler? A way of dragging sellers along, but really it would have to save me $50 a year to be worth it, and who is fooling who when asking who actually pays for the free shipping?

The cynical view would be that its a con start to finish …


… maybe if they paid the GST for me :wink:


A more detailed review is needed, but on first impression it’s easy to see how this rewards program could distort consumer behaviour. For example, an unwary consumer could either inadvertantly or purposely end up choosing a lower-quality product in order to save on shipping. In addition, eBay is already obliged to provide customer service under the law, so what tangible benefit can the premium customer service offer that isn’t slippery to tie down?

I couldn’t find the ‘eBay Plus’ filter to see what products receive the free delivery status after trying some categories at random- anyone else encounter this? I did, however, notice the Plus logo was visible on some products.


I joined Ebay Plus, as the incentives just about paid for it so I was happy to trial it.
I have been finding that it’s not all as it seems. I was looking at a luggage rack in a specific ebay store. They had one listed, under their Ebay plus at $69.50, which includes the free delivery that Ebay Plus promotes. Within this store, they have the same item listed, non ebay Plus, for $55 +$14.90 postage.

I don’t always just target the Ebay Plus items, as I often notice their prices are higher.

Don’t think I’ll be renewing my membership.