Eating Avocadoes Prevents Or Delays Diabetes

An article regarding research into eating avocadoes can prevent or delay diabetes.

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Another article regarding eating and dementia.

The last photo is obviously just for show, unless that is the week’s supply of salad in the 2 serving bowls.

I like this diet trend but not as much as the ones that say red wine and dark chocolate are good for you. I think it is high time some research was done to show that beer is health giving too. Perhaps CUB would sponsor it.


You have my vote. At the end of a long hard week it was a great tonic. A few coldies with your mates, an out pouring of the weeks dross, all followed by a good nights sleep. Great for mental release and realignment before the big weekend ahead.

It’s likely also much more practical to cry into a glass of beer than champagne or wine. I’m not sure how the wine and champagne set cope. Beer is very accommodating when it comes to the added saline excess body fluids. Wine or flavoured juices perhaps less so. Although straight lemon juice might be the go there. :rofl: